Monday, December 30, 2013

More LEGO Movie Playset?

Well, found these pictures from Hoth Bricks this morning and am not too sure if they will become a playset in the future but they do looks cool and expensive. Below is the pictures from Hoth Bricks:

There is a large ship too, which I think it will even be pricier than the three sets shows here. All the three sets here are just awesome and interesting I believe. But looking at each of them, they seems to be a very large model which I think is ain't cheap. Time will tell if they are going to be release or not.

The spaceship Benny came from looks classic at the same time modern. Emmet's construction mech reminds me of Transformers while the police dropship seems to have some playability.

Images from Hoth Bricks.

LEGO Movie #70804 Ice Cream Machine Review

Here's the last for review at the moment and again I prefer the truck mode more than flight mode plus this is the second time I see an ice-cream truck from LEGO, other than the Joker one which came in the previous tumbler playset.

I can said this is the best ice-cream truck I have seen so far although the cone seems a bit too big for this truck. Nevertheless this is a good buy and definitely be very useful to your City which do not have any ice-cream truck. Other words, a good addition to your city. Somehow the set do let me feel a bit small compare to what I have seen in box art. Small is good sometimes so they can fit into your road baseplate.

The flying truck a bit turns me off, luckily there is the truck mode to support this set to make it sellable, on top of that the piece count too does help in selling this set.

Images from Eurobricks.

LEGO Movie #70806 Castle Cavalry Review

If you are castle fans and you do not have enough outpost, this set might be the set you are looking for, although there is not much wall on both side of the gate and it is transformable (I mean dismantle and reassemble again).

I believe the castle fans will like the outpost mode more. Very useful for those castle fans to expand their castle and of course you have to expand the wall on both the side yourself to barricade what is behind it that you have created or placed. I heard the to space is quite crowded at the top of the outpost.

The flight mode did not seems all bad, it does looks good just that there are no flying outpost during medieval time. I'm surprised to see that the Micro Manager can balance itself with just the wheel in the middle too.

Images from Eurobricks.

LEGO Movie #70808 Super Cycle Chase Review

I just have to agree with the reviewer that this is currently the best set from the LEGO movie theme. I think most of the fans are also looking forward to get this set.

Well, well, the cycle looks cool so do the police vehicle. I think a very useful set to City theme as well, especially the police vehicle which City theme never release? Why I said a great set is that both the minifigs and the vehicle are awesome. Nothing else.  Maybe the cool looking minifigs as well, no not Emmet, the Robo SWAT. This set is recommended to all. Pary hard for it to be cheap over here.

Anyone thought of building an team of Robo SWAT? Some might probably haul a few extras just for the SWAT vehicle and the Robo SWAT.

Images from Eurobricks.

LEGO Movie #70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair Review

#70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair playset comes with quite a number of minifigs and let us not count Biznis Kitty which is brick-built and I believe they were printed parts. Below pictures are taken from Clone O'Patra's review:

The set comes with a number or parts that I'm interested in especially the translucent blue parts. If you love to take pictures of LEGO, I think this set are able to provide a nice background for your photo shoot, that if you do not see the rear view of it which the reviewer said is nothing. I'm also curious to know how much will these minifigs goes on sale in Bricklink.

The price is reasonable over there in the United States which price per piece is less than 10 cent. I'm also curious to know how much will these minifigs goes on sale in Bricklink. Not sure how about here in Malaysia after the price revision. Of course I hope for the better.

Images from Eurobricks.

LEGO Movie #70811 The Flying Flusher Review

Here's another review from Clone O'Patra, The Flying Flusher. Below are the pictures taken from the review in Eurobicks:

This set comes with an alternate model ready for you, one which is the Flying Flusher while the other, the truck. I would said it is recommended for kids as well since there are two mode which you can decide to build and dismantle again to build another model. It does comes with an interesting Micro Manager too. Is a bit like Creator theme, just that this one can better match your City.

The Flying Flusher is just ugly, but it cannot be help since is was built based on the truck. I would prefer to display the set in truck mode rather than the flight mode.

Link to the review is right below the first picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Movie #70812 Creative Ambush Review

Clone O'Patra from Eurobricks have written a review on several playset from LEGO Movie play theme, at the moment we have six playsets reviewed. Below picture is taken from the review:

I don't really like this set much but due to the good parts count, I think we can think over it. Maybe the weird looking Kabob Cart turns us off. The Saloon Plane looks ok to me and it does comes with cannon. Is rather a strange way to build it too. Others to like are probably the Micromanager which I think every set that has it comes in a different design. The vehicle seems rather complicated but I believe the build should be easy. But due to a bigger parts count more time will be needed to build this.

Link to review is right below the picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO City #60057 Camper Van Review

Here's another old article, a review posted on Eurobricks a week ago. This set is supposed to be release in next year but usually some set get to release early somewhere and the lucky one might just able to grab it and make a review of it. Below is the picture taken from Rufus's review:

The design of this van looks good and you have compartments on the top to keep the accessories. There are some interior too although a bit crowded and you can add a TV in it with the sticker provided. I like the looks of it but I have to skip it unless I have extra funds. For City fans or parents looking for playset for children, buy this, easy to build and have some playability in it. 

There seems no end to City vehicles and they get better with each release which put your previous version outdated. With the improvement you will have more to play with other than the sleek design. But I guess there is no escaping for city builder, there is always old cars running on the road right? 

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Legends of Chima #70133 and #70134 Picture.

The pictures surfaced a week ago and I only have time now to update it. Below are pictures taken from Brickset:

#70133 Spinlyn’s Cavern

#70134 Lavertus’ Outland Base

Spinlyn’s Cavern (#70133) is cheaper than Lavertus’ Outland Base (#70134) and it comes with such a unique minifig like Spinlyn, which a lot of fans are madly in love with it. Other than that the Rhino bike do seems interesting as well as the cavern which have a little of the spider element added in it. There is a number of playability listed in LS@H description. I think is a great set to own.

Lavertus’ Outland Base on the other hand looks like another piece of wall with some playability. However, I like the looks of the spider buggy. It does comes with a number of flick-fire and a gattling gun that actually spin. Maybe I get it when it is given discount.

Some countries have both of these sets released while some still need to wait patiently for them to be released.

Image from Brickset.

Monday, December 23, 2013

LEGO Legends of Chima #70127 Wolf Legend Beast Review

I'm a slow in updating news recently and finally, the last Legend Beast that is being reviewed. Below sit the picture of the gigantic white wolf that Brickset present to us:

I guess the beast looks great even without stickers apply on them. The minifigs is nice too in my opinion. 

Now the question is how much this set will cost here in Malaysia. This theme does not do well here in Malaysia and they are now discounted for 30 to 50+10% off the year end sales. Even with such a discount, they still hardly move. I sure hopes this kind of set not exceed RM40 each though.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

LEGO Legends of Chima #70126 Crocodile Legend Beast Review

In my opinion, the Crocs are currently the best minifigs in Legends of Chima theme, followed by the Gorrila, I guess next year will have a change in it. Anyway, here's a way the best minifig and his legend beast:

Seems like the after one turns good, the blade also switch colour from red to blue. The croc beast does looks good too even it looks plain without sticker. It does comes with a number of new interesting parts too.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

LEGO Legends of Chima #70125 Gorilla Legend Beast Review

Before this Gorzan seems rare, but sets after sets that have him in it, it pretty much brings down his value. This would be the third set that you can get the minifigs and it also happens to turn out a good option to get the minifig.

All the minifigs that comes with the Legend Beast line are pretty much the same old minifigs with different armor (maybe). In other words, same prints, maybe the previous set does not sells so well so repackaging them in this Legend Beast line to sell them all out. The beast looks good though and we do have some new parts.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

LEGO Legends of Chima #70124 Eagle Legend Beast Review

Here's another one but too bad there is no full shot of Eris riding the Legend Beast from the Brickset. Below are picture taken from the review:

Somehow the looks of this Legend Beast does not seems that good, but you get a fully geared Eris, just like other Legend Beast set where all the minifigs will be fully armed. Usually the set comes with printed parts and sticker sheet to further decorate the Legend Beast.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

LEGO Legends of Chima #70123 Lion Legend Beast Review

Brickset already reviewed every single set of Legends of Chima Legend Beast that we know up to date. Below is one of the picture taken from the review:

If any of you have not own the minifigs yet, I guess this is the one good option as well, Laval never make appearance in any polybag set so currently this is cheapest option. I like the lion too. It looks great and probably it is wearing some sort of armor.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

LEGO Friends #41043 Penguin's Playground Review

Here's another review on Friends polybag collectables, this is series 4 of course and the set name clearly tells you what animal you are getting. Yes, penguin and I think is a new animal in Friends theme that I could not recall seeing any before this.

The parts looks pretty usual I do not see any new parts, maybe a little colour are lighter are can hardly find in normal playset other than playset from Friends theme. Is fun to collect animal sometimes, but when there are too many pattern popping up, and you are trying to collect them all, it might turn out to be a disaster (to your wallet).

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

LEGO Friends #41042 Tiger’s Beautiful Temple Review

I believe this are one of  the Friends polybag that comes with a unique animal to be collected. According to the review this is from series 4. Picture below are take from Brickset:

For girls maybe they are into things like this, perhaps this was made to compete with Little Pony or at an affordable price. If you asked me, this is a good collection since they fall in affordable range and comes with some parts and were priced reasonably here in Malaysia at the moment, which is RM20 per pack. 

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

LEGO Exclusive #40085

I guess this news pop up a couple of days ago, it seems like we have a brick-buiilt teddy bear with heart coming to us soon enough. Definitely is a great gift for Valentine's Day.

I think it looks good, not sure about how the targeted market feel when they see this. But one thing for sure this is nothing soft but rather a hard one.

Image via Brickset.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Hi-Res Picture

Guess we all have seen pictures of the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes playset, but they are quite small back then when we see them. Below are resized image taken from Eurobricks:

From top left:
#76014 Spider-Trike vs. Electro, #76015 Doc Ock Truck Heist, #76016 Spider-Helicopter Rescue
#76017 Captain America vs. Hydra, #76018 Hulk Lab Smash

Seems like they are focusing a lot in the minifigures, and is great to have new addition minifigs to be added into the collection of ours just that the Hulk set seems rather crappy. I'm quite happy with the others. Although Spider-Man minifigs will once again hit a very low price cause too much repetitive.

To get higher res picture, click HERE.

Images from Eurobricks.

LEGO The Hobbit #79012 Mirkwood Elf Army Review

Here's a review made by FBTB. Since I hardly look around now, I might just share of what I bumped into. Since I quit collecting this theme, I guess I might just need to sit aside and drool all over. 

For those that are building army, this set is just right, I mean look at the amount of minifigs that you are going to receive from this set plus the newly coloured warg. For minifigs collectors like me, is definitely a yay but for those that are looking for display in grand scale might be a little put off by the wall and tree. Maybe, TLG expect us to buy more than one to self modify the wall and tree?

I wonder how much here is going to price it, I mean look at #79006 The Council of Elrond and #79108 Stagecoach Escape, both set were priced at RM210 and RM230 respectively (if I recall right) while #79001 Escape from Mirkwood Spider is priced at RM145, look how big the gap is. If the greed continues, then is no doubt this set is going for RM230 here due to high amount of minifigs and a warg. Anyway ALJ will be drive out soon, so let's see. People will still import them if the price is high in retail shop anyway.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Images from FBTB.

Monday, December 9, 2013

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2014

This was yesterday story, where the upcoming Marvel Super Heroes set was revealed in consumer catalogue. Since a new Spider-Man movie is coming, the set pretty much focused on Spider-Man. 

Marvel 2014

There are some set which I think is ugly and there are some set which I think is nice. For those that have missed Captain America in Avengers playset it seems like a good chance to get yourself one, although I believe that the design will be different. Also there will be new Hulk in purple pants. That Goblin in helicopter playset is really something. . .  Anyway, fans cannot escape the temptation of these cute minifigs. Thank goodness there are still some time until the set was release.

I like only two sets here, #76015 Doc Ock Truck Heist and #76017 Captain America Vs. Hydra and maybe #76014 Spider-Trike Vs. Electro. The rest I think depends very much on the minifigs to see or maybe MOC ability like Spider-Helicopter Rescue.

Image via Brickset.

Friday, December 6, 2013

LEGO The Hobbit #79014 Dol Guldur Battle Review

Here's another review that has been written by another member on the new LEGO The Hobbit playset. I think both of them did a good job, especially in taking the pictures and the very well written one which I think is helpful.

Completed Set

Back then I'm very good in remembering the set, but now my memory got worsen. Well this is the largest set for this second release. You get a lot of new minifigs from this set, maybe not Gandalf and I think is priced fairly, which I agree with the reviewer since getting them on Bricklink is not cheap either.

The set seems to have a lot of playability and I think if you are into photography, this set might makes a good set. Just imagine that you have a stretch of wall to use as a background (of course you need to apply the sticker), and you have some playability which you can use to shoot your pictures as well.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image via Eurobricks.

LEGO The Hobbit #79011 Dol Guldur Ambush Review

The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug is coming to the cinema real soon and we have the new LEGO playset released not long ago. There's reviewed been done in Eurobricks and I think the playset looks as great as the one in first wave. 

The review is very well written and it tempt me to get the set. I'm still trying to resist to get back to this theme. The minifigs are great and we do see some new shoulder armor. Although the playability is a bit common (I mean the way the bricks are put to create this function) but is better than none and kids might be happy with this playability. Other things this set can do is the combination with #79014 Dol Guldur Battle.

If you plan to create a little army of orcs, this set seems to be suitable, otherwise get it off from Bricklink which I think it might cost more at the end of the day since you have to get the weapon separately. But by doing so you do not need to have a repetitive Beorn. Such custom figs might fetch good price after the set discontinued perhaps?

Links to the review is right below the picture.

Image via Eurobricks.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

LEGO Technic #42024 Container Truck Review

Here's another review that I would like to share from Eurobricks. I rarely post about LEGO Technic, but sharing such a good information that can assist in people purchases is something I think is worth sharing. Indeed Jim did a great job writing the heavily visual guided review. 

I guess for Technic set, the larger the set, the better it gets since the are bigger and comes with a better functionality. With all the functions, there is definitely a higher satisfaction by completing the large machine. The feeling of solid and bigger vehicle is definitely different from the small sets. Usually a big set will cause pain to my finger, for people like me who did not have any patience I will finish it within a day, maybe some might took a few day to complete it due to the pain it inflicted to your finger? 

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image via Eurobricks.

LEGO Technic #42023 Construction Crew Review

Eurobricks is a good place to looks for review and news especially when they have so many members around the world. There is always some member managed to grab hold of a set earlier than any others and they do contribute in a good way for the others.

After looking at the review, these three construction vehicles looks pretty cool and I do agree with the reviewer that this set is suitable for those that are looking for some playability. I see most of the kids starts with playing some non-LEGO cars as their toys and many others, but this one might be the right set for them as well since they are somewhat different with those non-LEGO construction vehicle that are ready made. This one will get them to build and get them to feel the functionality. They might be happier with the end result since they put in effort to get all three of them set up.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image via Eurobricks.

LEGO Technic #42026 Black Champion Racer Review

I guess this was the all the three review that Brickset has put up at the moment. Is sure feels good to get 2014 playset earlier than others. Below picture is taken from Brickset:


This set playability is probably the pull back motors and the ability to combine with another playset to create another different vehicle.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

LEGO Technic #42022 Hot Rod Review

Here's another review that is posted 3 days ago in Brickset. This is the current one I suppose and I think the engine cylinder parts is the attraction here. Below is a picture taken from Brickset: 


This set have the roof function which I think is not bad. I can said I do not own any Technic playset for now since I have bad experience with them back in my young days. During that time sourcing parts is not easy here in Malaysia, so I cannot comment much on Technic theme itself. Honestly, I have very few knowledge of this theme, but I can said some parts cannot last long and easily breaks after a few years. However, now sourcing parts is easier with Bricklink, I think there is no worries of having some parts breaks cause of aging anymore.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

LEGO Technic #42021 Snowmobile Review

LEGO Technic no doubt have a few nice items which I was tempted but still I have to resist them due to funds and priority. Some set of 2014 start popping up in some countries, and Brickset is lucky enough to get some set from LEGO to do review. Below image is taken from Brickset:

42021 Snowmobile

The snowmobile sure do looks nice at certain angle, but then I feel that it seems like a skeleton from the side view. Perhaps we might need to source parts to cover up the side to make it looks more solid. For locals here, we pretty much prefer original version rather than modification as I can hardly see MOD or MOC here in my countries, probably price is the issue here.

Links to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

LEGO Movie #71004 LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Movie Series Review

Finally, is December and new year is around the corner. I guess we have all turn on our holiday mood switch. Anyway, is a little early to find these minifigures on the shelf yet, but they are coming out quite soon. Just to share, below pictures is taken from a review made by WhiteFang in Eurobricks:

After seeing this picture are reading the distribution summary, it seems like they are targeting the kids as you can see it for yourself that the number of main character minifigure has been maxed out. I guess is a right choice to put Velma Staplebot and Calamity Drone rather than the Fusebot since those two put make up on their face.

Now buying a box of 60 would seems rather a headache especially when you need to dispose Emmet off, I mean he is in 6 playset whether it is small or large set, he is there. The amount of Panda Guy is just right so that there is enough for everyone in the market. Anyway, I have a feeling this is not really a good buy for box of 60. Most of the minifigs seems rather common, other than the Drones and a few character.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image via Eurobricks.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The LEGO Movie Playsets for 2014

I guess the pictures surfaced much earlier than before but two days ago, we just saw that some of the sets comes in two different mode. The good news is that those set have the same width with the City vehicle, in other words, that means that they fit into the road plate.

From top left:
#70800 Getaway Glider, #70801 Melting Room, #70802 Bad Cop's Pursuit
#70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace, #70804 Ice Cream Machine, #70805 Trash Chomper
#70806 Castle Cavalry, #70807 MetalBeard's Duel, #70808 Super Cycle Chase
#70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair, #70811 The Flying Flusher, #70812 Creative Ambush
#70813 Rescue Reinforcements, #71004 LEGO® Minifigures - The LEGO Movie Series

Most of set looks rather weird and most of them does not looks that attractive to me. But hey, for those set that have two mode, they probably sells well since the City is in need of them with exception of garbage truck since we it released in City theme already. They do looks too big to fit into the City at the same time because usually only large city vehicle comes with 6 stud width.

It also seems like most of the sets comes with a good amount of parts and LEGO is generous enough to price them at a very good price if I were to compare with other them which have much lesser piece count. Parts scavenger gonna love them. With that many parts given, I think is a very good set to buy for the parts, and more stuff can be created. My opinion, very suitable for kids to do MOC and sharpening their creativity.

Looking at The LEGO Movie collectable minifigures, I think is better if we can hae a box of 30 instead of 60 since they are all static character which u do not need to repeat. The Panda is attractive, hope they give more Panda and Drones. But again kids are more into main character rather than side character. Who is the common and who is the rare, will be the question we are looking forward to.

Not sure how these sets are going to be priced here in Malaysia, but looking at the pricing in the States, they looks very attractive. If price remains the same, most of the set are going for RM150, that is the price I get if I direct convert after compare with the set from City theme. But who knows, since LEGO taking over the distribution, price might be a bit lower? Just my thought.

Am currently targeting a few of them, but they will not be my priority.

Images from LEGO website.