Friday, December 28, 2012

LEGO Legends of Chima #70102 Speedorz Leonidas Review

I started to get interested with this new theme after reading through one after another review made by those lucky people. Below is a picture taken from I Scream Clone's review on Eurobricks:

Guess it pretty much explain why the Speedorz set are more expensive than the Ninjago Spinner set. The Speedorz set comes with some parts and something else to build and well of course the whole thing is bigger and the seal seems to improved as well. The only downside, not as easy as the Ninjago theme to get the minifigs, since Speedorz are more expensive.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Legends of Chima #70100 Ring of Fire Review

Here's another review on LEGO Legends of Chima Speedorz playset by WhiteFang. Below is a picture taken from his review on Eurobricks:

Seems like different set have different ways of playing the game. I'm too lazy to go and understand the game at the moment and am quite curious how this Speedorz thing able to move while the minifigs are sitting at the back of it and dragging the Speedorz on the floor.

Links to the review is right under the picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Legends of Chima #70003 Eris' Eagle Interceptor Review

Pictorial review of the 2013 sets start going on the web now and we get to see what's good and bad about the set. Here's another review on the new theme that are coming our way in Eurobricks:

The new theme do comes with some new parts which you might find it useful for your own MOC later on. The Eagle Interceptor seems to have some playability although we still have the flick-fire missiles as one of the playability and you can see the eagle shape in it.

Link below the picture will link to the review.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Exclusive #10232 Palace Cinema

Well, is not officially release yet and there is no prelim marks on it, but is not really right to post either. Anyway, below is the picture of this year modular:

The exterior again looks very well done, but lately I fell like the the modular house is getting smaller. But I cannot said anything yet because this are not the real models, but am eager to see how is the interior of this building. Hope it look just as great as the exterior.

Sources via Brickset.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

LEGO Legends of Chima #70004 Wakz' Pack Tracker Review

Brickset posted a review on a playset for the new theme, Legends of Chima, and now I'm aware that the headgear are unique. Picture below taken from Brickset:

All Minifigs with Weapons

Now that TLG knows everyone is after their minifigs, they are releasing more and more unique minifigs to churn our money. But there is a nice design in the vehicle from the Chima universe where they implement the animal head onto the vehicle just like Ninjago.

Link to the review is below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

LEGO TMNT #79101 Shredder's Dragon Bike Review

This review has been posted a week ago, but I just do not notice it until few days ago. I think I will only go after the minifigs from LEGO TMNT theme and not the playset. Picture below taken from Clone O'Patra's review in Eurobricks:

To be honest I'm not really a fans for TMNT, but the minifigs from LEGO looks good, except the vehicle which I cannot accept. I know the turtle cannot afford anything cool, but I still can't accept this kind of vehicle.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO DC Super Heroes #10937 Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout Review

Now now, this is something cool and a big awesome set that I myself wanted to own one, but there are many other which I have not bought it yet. Anyway, here's a more detailed review bombarded with more cool pictures from Clone O'Patra in Eurobricks:

Am really looking forward to own this set and not the to mention the other Super Heroes set that I have still not owned up until now. This set sure contains a lot of good parts and not to mention a nice building design made by the designer. So anyone going to get this after reading the review?

Click the link below the picture to read the review.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes #30165 Hawkeye with Equipment Review

Another cool set that I think is worth mentioning and spending your money on, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes #30165 Hawkeye with Equipment. Here's a picture to seduce you to look for one:


I suppose the fully armed Hawkeye is something that catch all of our attention and thanks to all the accessories, this set actually being scalp and is more expensive than any other set, while is also caused by the theme factor. Anyway, this is something nice to own, just my point of view and you can beg to differ. But seriously speaking, you can easily buy the parts separately and build your own rack.

Click on the title below the picture to read the review.

Image from Bricks Review.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean #30133 Captain Jack Sparrow Review

Oh well, this is nothing worth sharing, so I try to make it as short as possible. . .


Only goes for this if you find it under 20MYR.

Title below the picture will shower you with more pictures.

Image from Bricks Review.

LEGO Lord of the Rings #30210 Frodo's Cooking Corner Review

Here's another Lord of the Rings polybag set that is been reviewed yesterday by Bricks Review, Frodo's Cooking Corner, or whatever it is called. Below is a picture taken from Bricks Review:


I'm sure many do not really like this set or even think of owning one especially those that already have Gandalf Arrive (#9469) playset since you will have the same minifigs from that set. After looking at the review this set was not bad at all and I think is a very good set for those of younger age.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Bricks Review.

LEGO Lord of the Rings #30211 Uruk-Hai with Ballista Review

New reviews though not new set has been posted on Bricks Review yesterday, and below is a picture taken from the review:


I think this set sells very well in the other part of the world as they are cheap and affordable plus suitable for army building. However, the price here are not so good even if you check in Ebay or other site that sell it. The best set for army building is to source for cheap Uruk-hai Army playset here.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Bricks Review.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

LEGO DC Super Heroes #76000 Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze: Aquaman on Ice Review

Here's a review on Batman set posted by Oky on Eurobricks, and the set seems not bad at all, nice vehicle though smaller. Picture below taken from the review:

What can I said, I think the set looks pretty good and the price range should be the affordable one, I wish (for our local market). The new Batman looks good and so do the other two figs which all of them are considered as new minifigs which are not release before. The ski looks pretty good too, with a little playability that is.

Links to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

LEGO Star Wars #75013 Umbaran MHC (Mobile Heavy Canon) Review

Got something to do when I was blogging halfway, so today I continue what is left unfinished. Here's another review from Moexy in Eurobricks:

Looks nice although is a little different from what is shown in the series so do the Umbaran soldier where the head are different. However, the MHC still resemble something that is shown in the series and then two great minifigs for the Republic.

Links to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

LEGO Star Wars #75012 BARC Speeder with Sidecar Review

Clone Wars fans are shower with quite an amount of playset from LEGO next year, also, LEGO is finally bringing back the playset from Episode II. 

This BARC Speeder seems to be bigger compare to the one in Battle for Geonosis and Clone Troopers Battle Pack. Phase II Rex is well made and I assume a lot will be hunting for the Phase I Rex which is quite rare now. I think we can hardly get Phase I Rex now, since it no longer appear in Clone Wars.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Star Wars #75001 Republic Troopers vs. Sith Troopers Review

Here's another review on LEGO Star Wars 2013 playset made by Moexy in Eurobricks, #75001 Republic Troopers vs. Sith Troopers. Picture below is taken from Eurobricks:

The speeder are not bad actually though is a bit wider and the colour are a bit different. The minifigs are just awesome, with all the new cool looking minifigs, except one of the Sith Trooper which is not new but added with printed leg. This pretty much going to bring down the price of the Sith Trooper minifigs from Sith Fury Class Interceptor (#9500). 

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Star Wars #75000 Clone Troopers vs Droidekas Review

A lot of new set reviews are showing up on LEGO community page, and mordatre from Eurobricks posted a review on next year LEGO Star Wars battle pack:


Although this is a nice set, and nice droideka, but is no longer so east to build the army of Republic and it will be costly to do so. Now that Republic and Separatist join up in one battle pack building the Clone army will be a pain for us as the other two minifigs lot were either taken by battle droids or a pile of bricks

To read the review, click on the link below the picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes #76004 Spider-man: Spider-cycle Chase Review

I think I'm pretty late to update my blogs with the review, but since this is the new set and not yet available generally to the public, I guess is good to post them:

The great news is that this set is same tier with Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape (#6867) or so I heard from my friend. I do like the minifigs and is great to see that the vehicle can change mode. Let's see how much the distributor here going to sell this set, is either the price remain or higher. That is what I speculate.

To read the review, click the link below the picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LEGO Star Wars 2013 Minifigures Picture

I just can't wait for next year LEGO Star Wars set to be officially available to the public so that we can get all the awesome minifigs. Below are the pictures found via Hoth Bricks:

Captain Rex

A-wing pilot 

The above pictures are taken from ExoBrick's photostream in Flickr. The minifigs from the Star Wars theme is getting more and more detailed and now I feel like the old rebel pilot are not detailed enough. While below here, are some pictures of more cool minifigs from the Star Wars theme.

The battle pack Sith Trooper are more detailed compare to the one in the Sith Fury Class Interceptor which is unacceptable.  But they do looks nice and great job for adding more details into the minifigs. Anyway the two dude with space helmet are just unacceptable, is far way different than the actual character.

Sources via Hoth Bricks.

LEGO The Lone Ranger

Pictures of the upcoming LEGO The Lone Ranger playset is surfacing the the web now thanks to LEGO for letting them to make appearance in the consumer catalog.

I can only said the look superb. It's been a long time since we have western theme, a theme which is quite popular among the fans too. From the pictures, we have new horse (sorry all I focus is on the minifigs), and we two main character seems to be repeating in all of the set. All on all, they are just awesome.

Images from Brickset.

LEGO Ninjago 2014

This is no longer a hot topic now as the news is here for a few hours already or maybe almost a day. But to all LEGO Ninjago fans, this is somewhat a great news.

And so, the Ninjago team will be back in 2014 after the a break in 2013. Anyway we still have some playset in 2013, so that will keep us company for awhile until they come back with more playset. Good news or bad news?

I think this is because there are too many new theme coming up and the machine is in their full capacity plus this is one hell of a popular theme.

Image from Hoth Bricks.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

LEGO Castle Legends 2013

Rumor said that next year the castle theme will be back and it might be the reissue of the old LEGO Castle set, which is a good news. So far no pictures available yet, but below are the list of what is coming our way.
#70400 Forest Ambush
#70401 Gold Getaway
#70402 The Gatehouse Raid
#70403 Dragon Mountain
#70404 Kings Castle

The above list are taken from Hoth Bricks, and it seems like we will have dragon coming our way again?

Sources from Hoth Bricks.

LEGO Lone Ranger 2013

The new hype and news recently will be on the new line of theme that will come next year will be Lone Ranger. Is a movie theme but is a good start to bring back the western theme again after the long gone of the theme.

Not sure if the skull on the left will be in the playset, but it looks pretty cool. Anyway, this is a licensed theme and below are the playset that will be release for this theme.
#79106 Cavalry Builder Set
#79107 Comanche Camp
#79108 Stagecoach Escape
#79109 Colby City Showdown
#79110 Silver Mine Shootout
#79111 Constitution Train Chase

Sources from Hoth Bricks.

LEGO Lord of the Rings #9472 Attack on Weathertop Review

One review has been posted so far in Bricks Review for this month. Though the review is not of any recent released playset, but still readable. Picture below is taken from Bricks Review:


This set seems good and there is a good amount of minifigs included the two horse and not to forget the amount of accessories and the spare accessories provided to you. The Weathertop looks great as well, and the interior which have microfigs and torch makes the ruin looks more old.

To read the review, kindly click on the link below the image.

Image from Bricks Review.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

LEGO Super Heroes #10937 Arkham Asylum Breakout Review

The largest set from the Batman universe are coming next year, this round the asylum is bigger and badder. Below picture is taken from Comunidade:

Is great to have a number of newly printed minifigs, though still same character in new look, but no Nightwing this round. However the building itself looks very good compare to the previous version but this one definitely gonna made a big hole in your pocket. Anyway this is something worth your penny.

Image from Comunidade.

LEGO #71000 Collectable Minifigures Series 9 Review

The wait is over, and yesterday all of the series 9 minifigs has been revealed. Thanks to the review on Eurobricks which is very well written. Image below is taken from the review:

The series 9 box set will only have two complete set and this round it is not easy to get three sets since you have to hunt for 6 different minfigs. The two sets, one for display, one to keep, the rest to trade or keep. The bright side, it is suitable for army building which most of the fans wanted. The sad side, now that they are only two complete sets, is hard for resellers to sell in set, and this might caused price to shot up for a complete set of minifigs.

Links to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO The Hobbit #30212 Mirkwood Elf Guard Review

The Hobbit, a new theme from TLG, starting to show up and they do have polybag set as well. So far there are two that has been revealed like Gandalf set and this Elf Guard set. Here's a mini review posted on Brickset:

30212 Mirkwood Elf

I do see this set on Bricklink but I hesitated that time and is all gone now. Is the right time for you to build your elf army, but without the elf hair and ear but instead hood. The elf is fully equipped and it looks just great and been released at the right time.

Link to the review are below the picture.

Image from Brickset.