Sunday, November 30, 2008

FBTB Chrismasification Contest!

FBTB has set up a contest for the coming Christmas Day. The contest is simple, all you have to do is decorate your LEGO Star Wars set or Star Wars MOC with something to make them look like it is something on Christmas Day.

There are two categories for you to join, which is:
  • Christmasify a Star Wars vehicle
  • Holiday Vignette
For more info, please log on to:

And for even more info, please log on to:

Information from FBTB.

CITY Impulse

Here's a quick look at the Impulse set which includes you a chef minifigs, but with a black leg. Below are pictures of the set:

I'll definitely buy 2 or more of this set since I didn't have this chef minifig before.

Images from Brickshelf.

LEGO Power Miners Spotted!

2 LEGO Power Miners set has been spotted in Brickshelf Gallery, so I guess some shop has unofficially release it but not sure which country as you can see there is the word 'korting 15%' which might means 15% off. The set looks promising. Apart from that, the rock monster is pack differently in a packet and it looks like they are able to store a crystal piece inside them as the mouth can open widely. Other than that, the eyes of the rock monster are printed. Below are some pictures taken from Brickshelf:

Power Miners also include us the new dynamite pieces that we can as well get in the Pirates set. Is not that bad after all. It seems like the set can combine with other set just like the third release of Exo-Force. Not much function can be seen in the set.

Well, look at the minifigs, it has 2 expression (I think is the mad old scientist). Other than that they have their torso printed both side, even the leg is printed. Nice work LEGO!

For more pictures visit the link below:

Images from Brickshelf.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

LEGO Shop@Home Sales

Since it is Black Friday sales, some item like #10186 General Grievous was on sale too which is from USD89.99 to USD44.99 a 50% off deal. Is a good chance for those who travel to the United States to attain the set which is not yet yet officially release here in Malaysia or even in Singapore.

Other item are on sales are other than Custom Car Garage are Star Justice and Space Skulls which is selling at USD34.99 each. Great deals ahead for the United States and Canada.


#10192 Space Skulls

Images from LEGO website.

Friday, November 28, 2008

BrickFriday at LEGO Shop@Home

There will be promotion at LEGO Shop@Home for the United States and Canada. However, is for a real limited time only, which is from 28th November to 1st December. For Malaysian who have relative live in these 2 countries, is a great chance for you to save even more this time. Below are the terms and condition extraceted from LEGO website:

Other than that Factory Custom Car Garage are on sale, which is around 50% off the normal price (perhaps I might be outdated) which is retailing at USD34.99 now instead of USD69.99. I guess it is more affordable right now to the kids and even parents who try to cut off expenses:

Sources from LEGO website.

New Brickforge Item

BrickForge, a minifig customization workshop has bring new colors to us. For those who are interested with HALO parts, especially the head gear, BrickForge is the right place to drop by. Besides that, BrickForge also make us weapons for the minifigs and also some armor for the olden days knights. Below are some picture of some of the item:

The item fit your original LEGO minifig very well and is nicely made. By the way, BrickfForge also customize animals like cows and bulls.

For more info, visit this site:

Sources from The Brothers Bricks.

Additional info for Pirates Theme

Here's additional info regarding the coming Pirates set, especially information about the pieces that each set contains. Below are the list of the set and the pieces:

#8396 Soldier's Arsenal -17 pieces
#8397 Pirates Survival -16 pieces
#6239 Cannon Battle -45 pieces
#6240 Kraken Attackin' -78 pieces
#6241 Loot Island -142 pieces
#6242 Soldiers' Fort -367 pieces
#6243 Brickbeard's Bounty -592 pieces
#6253 Shipwreck Hideout -310 pieces

While these are pictures of the minifigs:

The Imperial Guards

The Pirates

The mermaid and that lady minifig in white gown are not included in these pictures & looks like there are more kinds of pirates minifigs if compare to the imperial guards minifigs.

Sources from Eurobricks.

Power Miners site are up!

LEGO Power Miners website is up at LEGO site. The site is still not complete yet, only a few things are being uploaded there, such as poll, bios of the rock monster, quiz and game. The quiz is funny, answer a few question and you will know what kind of rock monster are you. By the way, try not to skip the intro, as it was real interesting and quite funny.

Below are the link:

Visit the site and find out which rock monster are you.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LEGO Bionicle Yellow Jetrax T6

I spotted this image at Brickshelf, is a yellow Jetrax T6 and it is a limited edition set again. Too bad, the owner only show the box art, front and back. So I can't confirm whether it is officially release or just another display box. But according to Brickset data, there are 5 peoples who already own this set, so I guess the hunt is on again for the western country. To make it simple, the picture is as below:

Click to enlarge

Images taken from Brickshelf.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Power Miners Images.

Not sure whether I have posted this pictures before, they look clearer now. The more I see them, the more I feel like buying the set especially for the new rock monster minifigs. The vehicle not really nice, they look ugly but for the rock monster minifigs, they looks pretty good to me. Well, have to cut short the talking now, below are the pictures:

Images from Brickshelf.

#8017 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter

Well, don't be surprise to see the box of this set at Brickshelf, this box is for display in shop to let you guys see the near release set and also pre-order and for those who live in Sweeden you will get an extra Darth Vader if you pre-order now.

The set features a flick-fire missiles, opening cockpit and lightsaber holder. Besides that, we get the new Darth Vader (more detail torso, nice work LEGO!), the one that is exactly the same with the Darth Vader you get from #10188Death Star playset . The set contains 251 pieces. Below are the picture of it:

Can't wait for it's release, it is such a nice set with new color and minifig.

Images taken from Brickshelf.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

#8168 Ferrari Winner's Circle

This set was released too in Toys'R'Us, but not the local again, again it is released in the United States Toys'R'Us but not all of them have the 2009 sets like Pirates, some only have CITY set. The Racers: Ferrari Winner's Circle contains 202 pieces and included 3 minifigs, 2 of them are Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa and it was retail at USD19.99. This set is certainly better than #8362 which only include you a minifig head instead of whole minifig. Below are the picture of this set:

-202 pieces

View the link here for more details:

Sources taken from Toys'R'Us.

LEGO Pirates price

Here's the price from Toys'R'Us in US. Looks like the price is reasonable and quite attractive.

#8397 Pirate Survival -USD 4.99
(I guess the other impulse are the same price)
#6239 Cannon Battle -USD 5.99
#6240 Kraken Attackin -USD 9.99
#6241 Loot Island -USD19.99
#6242 Soldiers' Fort -USD49.99
#6253 Shipwreck Hideout -USD39.99

Here's the link:

Sources from Toys'R'Us.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Bionicle World

For Bionicle fans out there, looks like Bionicle have a complicated world with many small island. The language are Poland language. Below are the map of Bionicle world and some translation:

Click to enlarge
Here's the translation:
Wszechświat Bionicle - Bionicle Universe
Ponad Metru nui - above Metru Nui
Morskie wrota - sea gate
Północny kontynent - Northern continent
Wyspa Tren Kroma - Tren Krom's Island
Południowy Kontynent - Southern continent
Pod spodem kontynentu - under the continent
Rzeka Tren Kroma - Tren Krom River

Click to enlarge

Hidden Islands:
(On the left)
Mata Nui - localized right above Metru Nui. The Great Cataclysm has created the passage between those two islands. Matorans lived on Mata Nui until Takanuva beat Teridax, and as Takutanuva opened the gate in Mangai.

Karda Nui - "The Core of The Universe" is lying right beneath the Southern Continent. However, it is not part of the Continent - It's in a dome, of which the Continent is the roof.

Mahri Nui - fragment of Voya Nui, which was torn off during GC. It sank in the waters of The Pit, right below Voya Nui. Mahri Nui was later completely destroyed, as a result of Voya Nui coming back to become part of The Continent once more.

(On the right)
Wyspa Keetongu - Keetongu's Island.

General Information
Matoran Universe consists of many domes of different sizes, connected with each other. Inside them are two great continents, and many other inhabited, or uninhabited islands, surrounded by silver sea of liquid protodermis. Most of known races live in the northern part of the universe, while Southern Continent is inhabited only by few thousand Matoran. The other races include Makuta, Skakdi, Vortix and Zyglak. Southern regions of the universe hasn't been discovered by the Matoran yet. It is said, that there are many odd lands, inhabited by unknown beings. The southernmost known part of the universe is the island of Artidax. What lies further, is still a mystery.
Sources from BZPower.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

LEGO Star Wars #7673 review is up.

#7673 MagnaDroid Starfighter review is up on Brickland forum. This set not really as bad as I expected but for those that don't like droids, the decision is still up to you. The fighter looks simple and looks like a piece of bread if we view from the top and it is not that tall as you can keep them back in box in piece. Below are the pictures of the minifigs (they are new minifigs though):

Set details:
-retail at RM300
-431 pieces (around 70sen/piece)

Please visit the following link for the review:

Sources from Brickland forum.

Power Miners Rock Monster

Power Miners theme is only known for the new minifigs, the rock monster besides famous for a big chunk of pieces and their ugly color. The rock monster from Power Miners each have their own name and ability (really a surprising). LEGO will put up the website for this theme on January too. Below are the picture of them:

I don't remember seeing a yellow one in the past pictures that I posted, maybe there are some exclusive set or I didn't pay much attention on them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LEGO CITY #7635 4WD with Horse Trailer

Well this set is also available in the western country already. I was surprise to learn that this set is limited edition and what's great about this set is that the 4WD can carry 2 figs. By judging from the pieces, the set should be the same size with Fire Truck.

For more pictures, please visit the link below:

I guess someone must have made a review of it in some forum.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rumors, rumors, rumors and rumors!

2009 is still 1 and a half month away and there are more and more of speculation made from the AFOLs around the world for sets after the first release of LEGO 2009. Below are the list of the speculation or maybe a wish come true sets:

Indiana Jones:
#7195 Indiana Jones Ambush in Cairo / Egyptian Bazaar
#7196 Indiana Jones Chauchilla Cemetery Battle / Mutt Chase
#7197 Indiana Jones Venice Canal Chase / Venice Race
#7198 Indiana Jones Fighter Plane Attack / Plane Race
#7199 Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom

Star Wars:
#7748 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
#7749 Echo Base
#7778 Millenium Falcon
#8036 Separatist Shuttle
#8037 Y-wing Fighter
#8038 Star Wars Endor Battle Palyset
#8039 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser

#7078 King's Battle Chariot -103 pieces
#7079 Drawbridge Defense -335 pieces
#7097 Troll's Dark Fortress -844 pieces

The list above are taken from a wholesale website and not all the information can be trusted especially the pieces. For Star Wars set there stated include lots of great figures or even tons of awesome figures.

For more information please visit:!

Sources from

2009 LEGO CITY #7631 being released at Western Country

Good news certainly comes early for the western country, some of the 2009 sets like Pirates set is already available there and now the new CITY set. Well, LEGO CITY #7631 is already available at LEGO Store in Bellevue, WA and there will be more of 2009 sets coming to the store at the first week of December which is 2 weeks away from now says the worker there. Below is the picture of the set:

Sources are from Brickset.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

LEGO Star Wars #10188 Death Star Giveaways

LEGO Singapore has brought in 25 pieces of LEGO Star Wars #10188 Death Star and what's good about it is that they will be given away as a Lucky Draw prizes. You will stand a chance to win a LEGO Star Wars #10188 Death Star in Singapore if you spend above SGD50 on all LEGO products. I only know that Bricksworld is participating in it, not sure about other LEGO store.

LEGO Star Wars #10188 Death Star will only be release next year in Singapore by (maybe) March as they are given it away as prizes this year. The event deadline is 31st Dec I suppose. It will be retail at SGD800 if I'm not mistaken.

Click to enlarge
Sources from a friend of mine.

LEGO Pirates spotted in US Toys'R'Us

The western country especially United State can get their hand early on the pirates set. They have been release at their local Toys'R'Us across the country. For those LEGO fans who will be traveling to the United States can try to scout the new Pirates set for themselves at Toys'R'Us or even buy them back here to sell, I guess it can make a handsome profit. The price are as below (although it not all of them):

Cannon Battle US$5.99
Kraken Attackin US$9.99
Loot Island US$19.99
Shipwreck Hideout US$39.99

The price looks much reasonable if compare with those licensed theme like Star Wars and those Pirates theme is not really a 2009 theme anymore. =P

Pictures of CITY #8398

Here's the pictures of the impulse set which include us a chef minifig. Impulse ser always have not much pieces and can be finished within 5 minutes. It's cool to have a chef minifig from a small set like this as it is quite rare. Now LEGO is making them common, I don't think pizza piece are included in this set as it already given us a drumstick. Below are the pictures of it:

Image taken from Brickset.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

LEGO Star Wars #7674 V-19 Torrent review is up!

Anyone who plan to buy a V-19 Torrent can now take a look at the fighter at Brickland forum. A review about the set has been put up over there and as we all know it was an expensive set with one minifig, the Clone Pilot. If anyone still hesitate to buy it, perhaps can take a look at the review to aid you in making your final decision.

The V-19 Torrent

The Clone Pilot

Here's the link to the review:


Toys'R'Us Malaysia selected LEGO on Discount

Is the time again that Toys'R'Us Malaysia is giving away coupon again, spend RM150 and get RM25 coupon or spend RM250 to get RM50 coupon. There are a few LEGO item on discount too, but is less than 10% off the normal retail price. LEGO on sales are:

  • Bionicle Mistika (I suppose all the 6 new character in the canister)

Retailing at RM55 each, save RM5

  • Agents Deep Sea Quest & Agents Mission:3 Gold Hunt
Retailing at RM145 now, save RM15

Retailing at RM260 now, save RM28

  • Mars Mission Operation Air Craft
Retailing at RM370 now, save RM40

  • Star Wars Separatist Spider Droid

Retailing at RM160, save RM40 (for Star Card member only)

For Parents who is looking for a free build set for their kids, there are also LEGO Duplo Value Pack (RM280, save RM70) and LEGO Value Pack (RM340, save RM80). I agree that they are expensive too, but at least we get to save RM80 and get additional RM50 coupon at this time.

Images from LEGO.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LEGO Agents #8631 Jetpack Pursuit is available

For those who are looking for Agents Jetpack Pursuit, the smallest set for Agents theme, you can drop by at e-Toyz to buy it or maybe Brickboy as I didn't saw it in Penang yet, maybe I'm not going far to browse for LEGO set. Agents sets looks good but is quite expensive here. The minifigs are something new again and is a new breakthrough for LEGO. Below are pictures of this set, just in case you guys have no idea about it and need to search at Brickset.

The minifigs

Set details:
-retail price: RM55
- 2 minifigs
- 88 pieces (about 62sen/piece)

Images extracted from LEGO website.

More LEGO Pirates #6242 Soldiers' Fort Images.

While we are still waiting for the Pirates set to be released here by next year, the other side of the world people have already get their hand on them and already start building them, I'm sure those images are for doing review on some forum. Here's a few pictures of it and specially focus on the minifigs:

On the box there are added information by LEGO, look at the top right the word modular build is printed. Looks like LEGO start to categorize it's set already.

The hat for the Imperial Soldier are nicely printed, better than what I have expected or maybe the guy is just being lucky. Looks like there is not much new face as you can see some faces are from Castle theme.

Here's how the pirates looks, they have the look, but the hook and the captain marking thing looks like they are made of poor quality plastic. Anyway, they got both side printed on their torso, that's what attract me to buy them.

For more images please visit:

Images are taken from Brickshelf.

Pictures of Pirates 2009

Pirates set has been release at Orlando Disneyland I suppose. The set doesn't looks bad especially when they have printed flag, double side printed torso, monkeys and some new pieces. The design itself is not bad too. Below are some pictures taken from the display (I suppose) and let's start with the pictures of the fort:

And finally here's the picture of the ship: