Sunday, March 30, 2014

LEGO The Simpsons #71005 LEGO Minifigures - The Simpsons Series Review

I believe a lot of us are looking forward for the release of this minifigures series, for some lucky country, this will be released on time on May while for us we are not sure when this series will hit our shore. The picture below shows the distribution of the Simpsons minifigures: 

At least now we have three complete set in a box again rather than two. I think previously it was to enable them to sell box of 30 so every minifigs have to be easily divided. Now that we have three set of sixteen in a box, that makes life easier for the fans, so that they can shared the cost among three people instead of two and keep too many unwanted minifigures. The review is up in Eurobricks, so you can just go there and read them.

Image from Eurobricks. 

LEGO The Simpsons #71005 LEGO Minifigures - The Simpsons Series Revealed

Just a few days ago, LEGO have posted a picture of the upcoming LEGO Collectable Minifigures that are coming in May. We all know that The Simpsons is coming but we do not know what are the character that will be included and now we know.

#71005 LEGO Minifigures - The Simpsons Series

Some say the minifigures that were given in the house looks a bit blur, maybe their eyes was half open instead of fully open like the one that are coming in this series. But overall, that is still one good house and this is still one good minifigures collectibles.

Image from Brickset. 

LEGO Star Wars Exclusive Darth Revan Minifigure

This minifigures that was revealed a few days ago seems like going to be the May the 4th promotion exclusive minifigs as per confirmed by The Brickfan. Below is the picture of minifigure taken from Brickset:

Darth Revan

I guess I will wait for someone to import it and get it from that guy but I think is quite hard to get a good price for this minifigures since this is a Sith we are talking about and it is May the 4th promotional minifigures. Unless he is not as popular as the other Sith then maybe we can get at a good price.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Movie Press Kit Review

This is something rare and it comes with a nice packaging as well. Currently the price is quite high because it is hard to find and you can find so many minifigs in it and the box is something you cannot made.

Since this is too pricey, I see some of my friends source for the parts themselves and build it themselves. although they missing some tin box, and manual but they do save a lot of money which can be used to buy other LEGO set. As for the minifigs, you can easily get them from the The LEGO Movie playset or some Super Heroes playset.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Movie #30282 Super Secret Police Enforcer Review

Too bad that these promotional polybags were never released here in Malaysia, most people have to import them by themselves and I think the price are quite steep too. Below here is a picture of a completed #30282 Super Secret Police Enforcer:

Is some sort of small police hovercraft that does not have any playability install in it but it does comes with the Secret Police Enforcer bot which is cool and his gun too. Definitely good for display and a good past time activity while to kids, this definitely is something to play with.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Movie #30281 Micro Manager Battle Review

Here's another review done by Masked Builder, #30281 Micro Manager Battle and in this set you get the other important character, Wyldstyle. Below is a picture taken from the review:

Not much of a special function did this Micromanager has but they do turn into collectibles too especially with most of the movie playset has them in it and all with different design and playability. But I'm wondering how many actually collects them, the Micromanager. For those local fans that plan to collect these polybags, you have to either import yourself or looks for those small online shop that carries them.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Movie #30280 The Piece Of Resistance Review

All I know is that there is a lot of The LEGO Movie polybag available and over here, we have Parkson giving away free Pyjamas Emmet and Radio DJ Robot with a purchase of MYR150.00 of The LEGO Movie playset. Is quite fast that these minifigs are snap up by fans. Anyway, below is the review of #30280 The Piece Of Resistance from Masked Builder in Eurobricks:

I personally have not gotten any The LEGO Movie playset set but we can get plenty of Emmet if we buy the playset. Emmet does comes in the Minifigures Collection too, just that he was a little different. Kids will be happy to get him so do fans that wanted to collect all variation of Emmet. A good set to get main character, especially those that do not want to collect the playset. Polybag is just right.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Star Wars #75041 Vulture Droid Review

Many Episode III playsets were reissue this year and for me is definitely a good news since Episode III is what get me back into LEGO, especially during the release of Clone Scout Walker and the others in year 2005, but sadly, those set are rare here in Malaysia, or at least it can hardly be found in Penang.

Now that it is a standalone instead of comes together with other playset like Jedi Starfighter, this Vulture Droid got bigger. It does looks better too, but I think only with the help of stickers. Is also good to know that they have shrink the size of the Buzz Droid which is getting nearer to perfection compare to the old one which have the leg of Super Battle Droid.

Image from FBTB.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

LEGO Star Wars #75040 General Grievous’ Wheel Bike Review

I never owned a General Grievous’ Wheel Bike before but I guess the previous version that is released in year 2005 is the only one that comes with a cape for General Greivous. We can see big improvement to Grievous minifigure since then. Below pictures are taken from FBTB:

For me that have not own this set before, I really cannot said much, but I do like the current one. It gives me the solid kind of feel. But there is one thing that is missing here, the ride for Obi-Wan which was included in the previous version. For those that Do not have Clone Wars General Grievous which the price was seriously something, this is the time to get him. This set is currently selling at RM140 locally as well, not sure if is a increase or decrease of price if compare to the previous version where during that time it was hard to find LEGO playset here.

Images from FBTB.  

LEGO Star Wars #75039 V-Wing Starfighter Review

Here's a reissue of the V-wing Starfighter of year 2006 version, and there's definitely an improvement on the design and number of minifigs except the price which got higher. Below are pictures taken from FBTB:

For those that prefer the Republic version and if were to compare to 2006 version, this new one definitely did better since the designer have more parts to choose from right now to make it as accurate as possible. As for the minifigures, well is nothing much of a new since the pilot colour tone just get lighter and just a little different on the torso print. This set is retailed at RM140 here locally which I think still falls under affordable range for aadult, but is definitely a burden for kids and currently we can only get maximum of 5% discount locally.

Images from FBTB.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

LEGO Star Wars #75059 Sandcrawler Announced

This new #75059 Sandcrawler just beat #70810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow with the total off 3296 parts count. There is no surprise that the price was higher as well since this was a licensed set with more parts count.

#75059 Sandcrawler
3,296 Pieces

Collect a true icon of the classic Star Wars™ universe – the mighty Sandcrawler™!
Recreate unforgettable scenes from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope with this amazing LEGO® incarnation of the Jawas’ desert-going vehicle, the Sandcrawler™. Turn the knob at the rear and steer the Sandcrawler into position, lower the front ramp and offload the droids using the 2 working cranes. Luke Skywalker™ and his Uncle, Owen Lars, are sure to be impressed with the selection on offer: there’s R2-D2, an R1-series Droid, an R2 unit, R5-D4™, a Treadwell Droid™, Gonk Droid™ and even C-3PO™. When the sale is complete, lift the side panels and top to reveal more great features inside, like the engine, storage bay, cockpit and more. There’s even a speeder bike for when the Jawas need to venture outside. Includes 7 minifigures: Luke Skywalker™, Uncle Owen, C-3PO™ and 4 Jawas™, plus R2-D2™, R2 unit, an R1-series Droid™, Gonk Droid™, R5-D4™ and a Treadwell Droid™.

Travel the dunes with the LEGO® Star Wars™ Sandcrawler™ with working cranes, detailed interior, 7 minifigures, 5 droids and lots more!

• Includes 7 minifigures: Luke Skywalker™, Uncle Owen, C-3PO™ and 4 Jawas™, plus R2-D2™, R2 unit, an R1-series Droid™, Gonk Droid™, R5-D4™ and a Treadwell Droid™

• Features 8 tracks with steering function, lowering front ramp, opening side flaps, removable top, working cranes, speeder bike, opening hatch for easy access to the boxes, attachable handles for lifting boxes, and a detailed interior including engine bay, storage bay and cockpit

• Also includes stock for old droids and droid parts

• Weapons include a lightsaber for Luke Skywalker™

• Sell droids to Luke and his Uncle

• Keep your droids well maintained

• Pretend to suck R2-D2™ up into the Sandcrawler™ – just like in the movie!

• Own your own iconic vehicle from the classic Star Wars™ universe

• Relive classic moments from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

• Measures over 9” (24cm) high, 18” (48cm) long and 6” (16cm) wide

The set are going to be release in May, and I'm starting to lose out more and more LEGO Star Wars playset and my wishlist is getting longer now. This is another chance to get Sandcrawler, for those that missed the first version. I think this second version should be very well improved especially the super fragile base that break off easily when too much pressure is being press on it. The set is priced at USD299.99.

Image from FBTB.

LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary

A new version of LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary is coming our way again. This is not something new as we have heard of it a few months back together with other LEGO book that are going to be release.

I'm guessing they are out of idea on which minifigures to be included with the dictionary and now they are including us with “Retro” Luke Skywalker minifig that comes in yellow flesh. There must be many other character that are not released yet but oh well, sometimes is good to get some old looking minifigure.

Image from FBTB.

LEGO Star Wars #75043 AT-AP Review

This is currently the only playset that comes with Phase II Commander Gree minifigure. This new version of AT-AP also looks pretty much better compare to the first version but price wise is a bit more pricey here if I recall correctly. 

For those prequel trilogy fans, I guess we cannot missed this set and maybe army builder might buy multiple set of this. I just loved this walker and not to be forgotten the new Commander Gree. Is just too bad that no pilot are going to man this pod. It would be better if we are included with two additional Kashyyyk Trooper to pilot the pod though. This set cost RM330 here if I recall correctly which is ain't cheap.

Images from FBTB.

LEGO Star Wars #75038 Jedi Interceptor Review

I does like the new improved version of Jedi Interceptor although it does not comes with a landing gear. I think there is an improvement in design compare to the previous version of year 2005. It cost RM140 here if I'm not mistaken and it is still within the affordable range for collectors.

Again new version of Anakin and R2-D2 is included. I think this R2-D2 are the same with the one in Ewok Village? The grey colour do look a bit more accurate. Seems like the exterior looks good while the interior deteriorate. Is still a good chance to own your Jedi Interceptor if you missed the year 2005 version.

Images from FBTB.

LEGO Sar Wars #75037 Battle on Saleucami Review

This set is more to Battle Droid and Super Battle Droid kind of battle pack since we have four Separatist droid against on Republic Trooper. I guess people will only buy the set for Saleucami Clone Trooper and that's it.

Well Commander Neyo does have red shoulder pad on the right instead of red arm as highlighted by FBTB. But we have a new helmet and this round LEGO Group is smart enough to call it Saleucami Clone Trooper so people will buy multiple set to build army. I'm a bit regret that I missed this Saleucami Clone Trooper in Bricklink. Should have buy them when I saw them.

Images from FBTB.

LEGO Star Wars #75036 Utapau Troopers Review

Utapau Clone Trooper are the one I'm really looking forward to since 2005 and it has been 9 years since then. Now we have them released and the best part is Utapau Airborne Trooper was also included. I guess the only one missing here right now is Commander Cody.

The minifigures in this set is a definitely must have although the so-called Octuptarra Tri-Droid looks pretty ugly. The Utapau Troopers just looks too good to owned. Since we have Episode III kind of Utapau Troopers I think we can ditch the Clone Wars version which is pricey. I like the prequel trilogy one more. Small playset usually comes with flick-fire missile as playability and here we have it. I would buy the set for the minifigs myself.

Images from FBTB.

LEGO Star Wars #75035 Kashyyyk Troopers Review

Here's another battle pack this year and is good to have the battle pack that contains only one faction which is the Republic rather than both Republic and Separatist which much of the Droid are junks. Below images are taken from FBTB review:

Is definitely easier to build army with the battle pack now and we have this brand new Clone Trooper that looks more accurate. The set also comes with a downsized swamp speeder which I looking forward to owned since 2005 but we have another version released back in year 2010. This one although is smaller maybe a few playset might be able to make a better version out of it? This is retailed for RM70 here as well and we fans will just have to get it. Especially those that are into Phase II Clone Trooper. If you were to buy it for kids (here in Malaysia), I would suggest you go for City and not Star Wars.

Images from FBTB.

LEGO Star Wars #75034 Death Star Troopers Review

I just look at America LEGO Shop@Home and I guess not much people demand for this set as there are still ready stock left compared to the other two battle packs which already sold out until mid or end of March.

Is great to easily attain Royal Guards but sometimes is just useless to have too many of them, I would prefer Storm Trooper, which we have another new version coming summer this year. The new Death Star Gunners are great but the Death Star playset cannot fit that many itself either. People might not grab many of this set since there are no army to build from this duo. But maybe a few set to collect the minifigure is good. It was retail at RM70 here for four minifigs. The cannon looks good though.

Images from FBTB.

LEGO Star Wars #75032 X-Wing Fighter Review

There are six microfighters that are launched, and this is one of the popular one here in Malaysia. A lot of people bought this set first and others later, maybe they are original trilogy fans. But this X-Wing Fighter sure looks cute in her own way.

#75032 X-Wing Fighter Review

We have a new Rebel Pilot minifig and I have no idea who is this guy but the minifigure itself is very detail compare with the previous version of pilot. We also get a new astromech droid head in this  X-Wing Fighter playset. This small and affordable set are just good for kids and also for collection I think.

Images from FBTB.

LEGO Star Wars #75028 Clone Turbo Tank Review

LEGO Star Wars Planet playset are no longer in continuing and is replaced by the Microfighters. I think this kind of set is easier to keep and ship since it is just a square box. The set comes with one minifigure and a mini-scale Star Wars vehicle.

I guess building this white plain Clone Trooper army will be a challenge since only one microfighter set comes with such minifigure and no other set that comes with this minifigure. I bet it will be a little pricey. I do see some video on Youtube that teach us what to do with this microfighter. Is just a flick-fire missile battle with friend into a cup that are marked with number or shot down minifigures that are standing on a number plate.

Images from FBTB.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes #76018 Hulk Lab Smash Review

The first impression that I got on this set is that they are just selling the minifigs, which everyone are after so do the completest. It might have some good parts in there but is like too small to get a good picture of this whole set. The lab design makes me call of the Helicarrier Breakout playset.

All the brand new minifigs are definitely nice to own, except that brick-built flick-fire missile droid. The playset itself looks so so but the minifigs definitely worth of something. Getting the minifigs separately might caused you a lot of money too, so I think is better to fork out a little extra money to get the whole set for the parts.

Images from FBTB.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes #76017 Captain America vs. Hydra Review

Here's another set to look forward to for those that missed Avengers Captain America minifigure or the playset. The price of that set has increased now and well, here's a chance to own a different universe Captain America minifigure. Below image are taken from FBTB:

We have new Red Skull minifigure and I think this set is really worth the money especially when it comes with a motorcycle, other than the brand new minifigs and the good looking Hydra vehicle. Anyone that plan to build Hydra army, now is a good time I think.

Images from FBTB.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes #76014 Spider-Trike vs. Electro Review

It has been more than a month that I do not update my blog. Now am searching something to post and I come across of a lot of post that I have missed. Since this one was released not long ago, here's a review by FBTB:

I guess this set are just selling Electro and the lightning parts that comes with it. I do feel that the Spider-Trike looks ugly. But is a good set to get Spider-man (which most of us already have) and the new Electro minifigure that came with translucent head and hand. I guess the Electro from the upcoming Spider-Man 2 movie are from this universe.

Image from FBTB.

LEGO Movie #70810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow Review

This is the largest set up to date from The LEGO Movie theme playset and many fans, especially those ships collector are loving this set. Below are pictures taken from review in Eurobricks:

If only I have the money, I definitely would have bought this set. This ship is just huge and full with details. Just that the sail is plastic bricks instead of cloth. It would be great if they are cloth, but collectors will have hardship in terms of cleaning it. Despite the sail are plastic, this ship still looks very good and here we have Queasy Kitty in this set.

Images from Eurobricks.