Thursday, April 30, 2009

Star Wars comic #12 is On

Star Wars comic #12 is up in the website now. There will be AAT with the new Super Battle Droid attacking the clone. Well, you guys got to see it yourself. As usual this comic has a long title too, but anyway is fun to watch them.

To see thic comic, log on to:

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

#8957 Mine Mech Review

Here's the first review on my blog, and it will be Power Miners #8957 Mine Mech, sponsored by Brick Bastion.

Theme: Power Miners
Name : Mine Mech
S/N : #8957
Year : 2009
Pieces : 67
Minifig : 2
Price : RM46.90, SGD16.90, USD7.99, GBP5.85

The Power Miners theme are mostly using lime green and orange. And as the box, it is lime green. The box art, include us the size of rock monster together with their name on the side while at the back of it it shows us the function of the set together with the alternate model of combining two sets.

About the content, there are sticker sheet, instruction booklet, 2 packs of bricks and a pack of Boulderax. It is a good thing that LEGO pack the rock monster separately, it prevent them from getting scratch by other bricks and the rock monster is ready fix for us.

As for the minfigs, there are only two. That would be Brains and Boulderax. Brains torso are both side printed and even the legs are printed. Brains got two face expression too. A normal one and an excited one.

As for Boulderax, it has a big mouth and able to keep crystal inside it, oh... and dynamite too. The rock monster can eat aything as long as it can be kept inside them. Inside the minifig is all smooth surface unlike the rough surface of bricks whereby you can attach pieces in it. The hand is well molded and the crystal pieces can attach to it.

While the mine mech, is quite small as it got short leg and hand. However , the articulation of the legs seems not to be affected by the size. The claw is movable and da blade is turnable. Other than that the black case thing that are protecting the cockpit can be open and close. There are place for you to hold the pick-axe and the dynamite.

Below are shot of completion and the extra part that we get from this set.

Playability: 8/10 There are a lot of movable parts like claw, leg, blade and opening cockpit
Design : 7/10 The hand of this mech is just ugly and short.
Price : 8/10 The price per piece seems to be acceptable.
Overall: 8/10 Nice colour, good accessories, nice minifig.

Well, I guess that's all for now.

Set sponsored by Brick Bastion.

Upclose with #7747 Wind Turbine Transport

Vlada from Brickshelf gallery bring us another review on the unreleased CITY set, which is the #7747 Wind Turbine Transport. The sets looks nust nice and just as important for city builder to complete their city with more services. Below a shot of a completed set taken from Vlada's Brickshelf gallery:

This set just look great and the transport can stretch the back longer to carry the wind turbine. Other than that there are bricks to hold the thing from falling off the back. Worth considering though.

Of course there are more image in Vlada's Brickshelf gallery.

Image from Brickshelf.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer LEGO Indiana Jones Box Art

We are getting nearer to the time whereby the summer set will be release. It is still a few months away, but time passes real fast. Anyway below are some clearer images of the box art of the coming Indiana Jones set:

I guess #7195 Ambush in Cairo is a certainly must buy set. We get a purple bricks, rare headgear and four minifigs! Just like Star Wars battle pack, we get four minifigs. but I think LEGO adjusted the price. As far as I concern the both smallest set we have in the previous release only have three minfiigs. By the way, is the bucket are specially made bigger?

In #7196 Chauchilla Cemetery Battle, we get a cool design on Mutt William's bike. It is not a new mold but is another way of assembling the bike. Besides that, we got a new minifig again, especially the one with skull mask on it and also is a good chance for you to own a crystal skull.

As for #7197 Venice Canal Chase, we get 3 new minifigs and Indy in new torso. Other than that, we get a new headgear too. This set worth considering though, but it should be better to have this set if you plan to buy the fighter plane set.

#7198 Fighter Plane Attack looks better in this pictures, not sure why though. Looks like this set only include us threee minifigs, and I suppose they are from Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase set. However the plane was cool, is looks great! Worth gettingtoo though, especially for the plane lover, the design is a little classic.

Images from Eurobricks.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

LEGO Star Wars #7753 Pirate Tank

So here's another exclusive Star Wars set, #7753 Pirate Tank. Below are the images of it:

This 372 pieces set include us three minifigs, which is Hondo Ohnaka,Turk Falso and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Another set with Obi-Wan will be good for Obi-Wan fans, but I'm hoping for minifig like Jar Jar Binks or even some red marking clones. Anyway, Obi-Wan is what we will get, that's a reality.

Some general functions of the vehicle are pop-up mechanism, hidden-wheels to makes movement smooth, and also flick fire mechanism, it sound almost like #7679Republic Fighter Tank.

Images from Star

Friday, April 24, 2009

LEGO Star Wars #7754 Mon Calamari Star Cruiser

Finally we have the pictures of the box art and also a clearer image on it. Below are the images of what we have waited long time ago:

I guess the box art are final as there are no prelim word or anything on it. We can see that it is fan's choice anniversary edition and it seems to be a limited edition set again.

This 789 pieces set will be exclusively available at Toys'R'Us in August.

There are quite a feature, like flick-fire mechanism in A-Wing, rotatable and movable seat in command bridge and etc.

The set include us six minifigs whereby five of them are new. They are Admiral Ackbar, Mon Calamari, Mon Mothma, General Lando Calrissian, General Madine and A-wing Pilot.

Images from Eurobricks.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Here's a spectacular MOC of UCS AT-AT found at Guybrush's Brickshelf gallery. All I can say is a real big AT-AT and a very tall one of course. Is an impressive MOC. Below are pictures from the gallery:

It must have took that builder a lot of time to build this and of course quite a heavy cost to build this giant as it will need a lot of pieces and a lot of time of planning. But still is a good piece of artwork.

To see more pictures of this giant, log on to:
Guybrush's Brickshelf gallery

Images from Brickshelf.

LEGO CITY #30000

So last time we know there is a set #30000 which gives us a doctor and a car. Well below are the picture to for you to recall.

This set should have contains 32 bricks after included extra pieces and it looks great since we get a minifig and a vehicle like the past police helicopter and fire boat, just to name a few. Vlada's Brickshelf gallery has this set completed and below are some images:

It was cetainly a nice set to own and below are the content together with the advertisement that we can see from the back of the instruction paper.

Not sure whether it is for sale or not. Hopefully it is but mostly is a giveaways.

For more pictures, log on to:
Vlada's Brickshelf gallery

Images from Brickshelf.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack Alternative Model

LEGO nowadays didn't include us any alternate model for each set anymore, especially Star Wars. Now we have to think by our own and use the bricks from the set to MOC ourselves. Anyway, below are alternative model by combining TWO #8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack from pedrocon:

It's cool that we can create a mini AT-AP with two set od #8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack. Just in case you guys have extra walker when you do not need that much, perhaps you can try this out.

Below are links to pedrocon's Brickshelf gallery:

There are other cool stuff in his gallery.

Images from Eurobricks.

LEGO Rock Band

So there really will be a LEGO Rock Band and it will be a game. Of course it has something to do with music.

Well, the player will be customizing your own minifig and create your own band and below are some screen shot:

The game will be release for Xbox360, Wii, DS, PlayStation 3.

To know more about the game, please visit:

Images from Brothers Brick.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vestas Diaroma

Vestas find a good way in promoting wind-power which is by using LEGO creating some diaroma for display. Well the display is in Singapore airport, not sure if it is still there or not. Anyway these are pictures taken by somebody else:

Although some background are not fully made by LEGO but still, this is an impressive display for it. I just love them, even seeing them from pictures.

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#7778 Mid-Scale Millenium Falcon

And here comes the all new LEGO Star Wars #7778 Mid-Scale Millenium Falcon. Seriously there is no minifig, is just another collector edition stuff. Below are pictures taken from Brickshelf, they are much more clearer:

It cetainly looks small, I'm judgung the size through da radar dish. Hopefully LEGO will use printed bricks in this set instead of using sticker sheet. It is smart for LEGO not to come out with Millenium Falcon without minifigs, or else the UCS one will have no demand.

Expected release date is 1st July.

Well enjoy the pictures.

Images from Brickshelf.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

#10194 Emerald Night released

Emerald Night is released in LEGO Shop at Home now. As for the United States, there is no delay for the set to be release. Is is now release and is price at USD99.99 per set. So it is released on time instead of May.

To purchase this set, log on to:
LEGO Shop At Home

Image from LEGO website.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

#8038 The Battle Of Endor Hi-res Image

Is cool that we are able to get a hi-res final image of #8038 The Battle Of Endor. The image itself say it all. Below are the image taken from Chewk's Flickr gallery:

From the image, we can see that we are going to get 12 minifigs, they are:
-two new endor rebel with new headgear and torso
-three new color printed Ewoks
-Death Star Trooper
-the re-release of Scout Trooper after a long stop producing them
-Leia, with new torso
-of course Han Solo and company

I've been waiting for a long time for them to re-release that Scout Trooper minifig. Wanted them for a long time ago.

Other than that, we get a newly design AT-ST which looks pretty cool and LEGO now use the flick-fire piece pretty well in creating the blaster for the AT-ST. Seriosuly this AT-ST looks pretty details, maybe because of the leg. Anyway is cool to have one although the top use the same piece, the hatch of course.

All on all this set is a must have for collector, just imagine the amount of minifigs we get from it and they are quite rare. You can probably sell all the minifigs to get the pieces for free. Stock many of this set and it will give you a high return when it goes out of production.

Image from Chewk's Flickr gallery.