Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bionicle price is increasing!

This is my favourite theme during my primary life and secondary life. Luckily I'm not into it anymore. As I was browsing for LEGO at my local Toys'R'US yesterday I saw the new Bionicle was on the shelves and i take a look at them. Well, I will always look for the price after I see the box art and it caught my attention when I see the price. Is is already RM60 a set and it is a pretty bad news for Malaysian LEGO Bionicle fans, especially the kids. The price of the new Bionicle Mistika has increase RM5 an dnow it is RM60 a set. It is sure going to be a problem for younglins to be able affard this set.

Now the poor kids have to save for a longer period to own their beloved Bionicle. Let's pray for the price will not increase again.
Picture was taken from LEGO website.

Clips on the motorized version of Crystal Reaper.

LEGO have finally put up a clip that shows us the Motorized version of Crystal Reaper. Although I am not into this theme, but I'm curious about how it is going to work and finally I manage to see it although I didn't own this set.
The clip also show us how to upgrade that very set although it is not very detail but it was a fun clip, as the designer for this theme makes some sound effects while playing with this set. =)

Here's the link: http://marsmission.lego.com/en-us/Movies/PowerFunctions.aspx
Picture was taken from LEGO website.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mars Mission #7699 MT-101 Drilling Unit on sales in US LEGO Shop@Home website

At last this set is on sales in US. The price drop from USD80 to USD40, which is 50% off already. This set contains 635 pieces and it got 6 minifigs (which is 2 Alien and 3 Human)!
However, you have to click on this set to know that it is on sales as normal price were showed at the main Mars Mission theme site at LEGO Shop@Home. Click on the item and you will the final price. It is some exclusive set and now it is on sales. Grab this set fast before you regret. Is a bulky vehicle and I like the way it was design, as i can carry two ehicles at the back. Anyway, I have a set of this =).

Here's the link: http://shop.lego.com/ByTheme/Product.aspx?p=7699&cn=474&d=70
See it to believe it. =P

Picture was taken from LEGO website.

7111 Droid Fighter

I get a set of this for myself and it turn out not to be so disappointing after all.

This is an old design so the movement is not sleek at all. Everything have to adjust manually. It means that you have to take out the brick and out it on again. However, the adjustable leg still moves, all you need is just push it down.

Anyway, this set has no stickers but is a printed bricks and we can use the piece to replace spome pieces from the Vulture Droid in 7660 . I think this is the pros. Will post up pics on this vintage soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Power Miners

Here's some peek on the Power Miners theme. They (The LEGO Group) uses the lime green and orange color for these theme. Hopefully the color goes well together. This theme seems to have many new pieces including a new minifigs, the stone monster. We have to wait and see a better pictures of this theme before we can judge it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

7111 Droid Fighter selling at RM15?

This is a vintage set as it has already stop production due to a better version of this has been produce. If you guys missed out this set, the 1999 production you might want to get it cheap at Ebay Malaysia. The starting bid was RM15 or buy 10 at RM130. Although this set is ugly, the pieces was printed instead of using decal like the new one. You might want to replace the new one with some pieces from this set.
Below are the link:

A little history about LEGO.

The name 'LEGO' was formed by two Danish words "leg godt"that means "play well" . Today LEGO is 50 years old, and their Minifigure (which is the trademark of LEGO) is already 30 years old. LEGO offered a wide range of products, from pre-school level to teenager level. In addition, LEGO products can be played by anyone and age is not a barrier for the fans of LEGO. Today, LEGO offered a different theme of products to fulfil their customers needs, from underwater to space and from old age to modern age.