Friday, August 27, 2010

LEGO Star Wars 2011 Rumours

After seeing some video leak in YouTube (I think), the 2011 LEGO Star Wars sets looks very promising. There are people who save the picture too so that we can view them. Anyway below are the details:

The T-16 Shuttle seems to include many Jedi which is four in total. However one of them is Obi-Wan.

AS for Bounty Hunter Gunship it also include four minifigs which is Aurra Sing, Embo, Sugil and Assassin Droid. Guess there is some new minifigs here.

The Battle Of Naboo is nothing much, just a droid carrier with a number of Battle Droids, Droid Pilot and two Gungans, I suppose one of them is Jar Jar.

Imperial V-wing is nice, comes with Imperial Pilot, which is the one of phase II but in black with an astromech droid, R2-Q2.

While the battle pack, you get ARF Trooper, Clone Trooper Commando and two (I suppose)Bomb Squad Trooper. As for the Mandalorian, there's only one type but it seems like they have new pistols.

For pictures, please visit HERE.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LEGO Kingdoms #7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar Pictures

Brickshelf member thecobra14 has post up pictures of a complete model of #7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar in his folder. Below is a picture taken from Brickshelf:

I wonder if the quality is good or is just another cheap plastic quality, as Castle Advent Calendar seems to have a good quality. If is good quality, then we should get a couple of this to build army.

For more pictures, please visit HERE.

Image from Brickshelf.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

LEGO CITY #2824 City Advent Calendar Pictures

If you are looking for the pictures about the content of #2824 City Advent Calendar, Brickshelf has one. Below is a picture taken from DHCP1121's Brickshelf folder:

I do like the way the sofa and drum set was design. But this set focus too much on the toys itself instead of furniture.

For more pictures, please visit HERE.

Image from Brickshelf.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

LEGO Exclusive #10216 Winter Village Bakery

LEGO Exclusive #10216 Winter Village Bakery which is a seasonal item has been announced and they are up in LEGO Shop@Home which tell us the set is coming soon on 29th September. Below are some details:

687 pieces
USD54.99/ CAD74.99/ GBP49.99

Return to yesteryear with this festive holiday scene!
It's a winter wonderland in this snow-covered little town! A special-delivery evergreen, all ready for decorating, arrives at the tree-seller's stand by horse-drawn cart, while ice skaters frolic on the frozen pond with colorful lights and a curious owl perched overhead. Just look out for the freshly-shoveled snow piles - one skater has already tumbled in head-first! At the bakery nearby, the friendly baker prepares delicious holiday treats in his oven and rings up sales at the cash register. Push the glowing LEGO Power Functions brick to fill the building with warm interior light! Includes 7 ½ minifigures, snow owl, horse and lots of winter accessories.

  • Includes 7 ½ minifigures as well as a snow owl and horse!
  • Features LEGO Power Functions light-up brick which lights the interior of the bakery when you push it!
  • Includes lots of fun winter accessories like a dark blue minifigure hood with new fur print!
  • Prepare holiday treats and ring up sales at the cash register!
  • Skate on the frozen pond made of 8x8 transparent blue plates!
  • Interesting elements include a camera, tan baguettes, croissants, green apple, 8x8 transparent blue plates, medium blue tiles and even a new 'caramel' color for several brick and arch elements outside the bakery!
  • Features an evergreen tree for decorating, tree seller's stand and even a horse-drawn cart!
  • Bakery measures 7" (18 cm) wide!
  • Completed model (depending on space allocated between the individual parts) measures 16" (40 cm) wide, 12" (30 cm) deep and 7" (18 cm) high!
For more pictures, please visit FBTB's Flickr gallery.

Sources from FBTB.

Friday, August 13, 2010

LEGO Exclusice #10216 Winter Village Bakery Picture

This year we will get a winter village bakery shop which is as much interesting as the winter toy shop. Anyway, below are the pictures found at Eurobricks:

Looks great, and with light brick too, but it seems like winter toy shop have better exterior compare to this bakery.

Images from Eurobricks.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

LEGO Exclusive #10214 Tower Bridge at Shop@Home

The set has been uploaded at LEGO Shop@Home, however, it is still not yet release and will be release on the 1st October 2010.

#10214 Tower Bridge
4287 pieces
Price: USD239.99/ CAD314.99/ GBP204.99

Build London's famous Tower Bridge!

Stretching over the River Thames since 1894, the famous Tower Bridge of London, England is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Now you can add this timeless classic to your LEGO world buildings collection! Designed with advanced building techniques and rare colors and elements, the Tower Bridge is complete with its iconic paired towers and a drawbridge that really opens. Fun to build and display, it locks together solidly but can be taken apart in sections for easy transport. Includes 4 miniature vehicles; a black London taxi, a traditional red double-decker bus, a yellow truck and a green automobile. Completed model measures 40" (102 cm) long, 17" (45 cm) high and 10" (26 cm) wide.Includes 4 miniature vehicles: a black London taxi, a yellow truck, green automobile and even a traditional red double-decker bus!
  • Features the iconic paired towers and a drawbridge that really opens and closes!
  • Includes unique printed shield!Features hundreds of 1x1 slopes in tan!
  • Many useful arches, angular bricks in tan!
  • Includes 4 blue base plates and over 80 windows!
  • Tower Bridge is ideal for building and display - it can be taken apart in sections for easy transport!
  • Add this amazing landmark to your LEGO world buildings collection!
  • Completed model measures an impressive 40" (102 cm) long, 17" (45 cm) high and 10" (26 cm) wide.
For more pictures, please visit FBTB's Flickr.

Sources from FBTB.

Friday, August 6, 2010

LEGO Exclusive #10214 Pictures

Eurobricks have quite a number of photo regarding this set and it sure looks pretty awesome. Below are some pictures taken from Eurobricks:

All I can say that is WOW! The design and everything looks so perfect to me, but too bad, I think it will be very pricey here.

Images from Eurobricks.

LEGO Star Wars 2011 Rumored Set

I come to found that Eurobricks got some rumors after comparing the rumors from two sources and they will be:

#7913 Clone Trooper Battle Pack
#7914 Mandalorian Battle Pack
#7915 Imperial V-Wing Star Fighter
#7929 The Battle Of Naboo
#7930 Bounty Hunter Gunship
#7931 T6 Jedi Shuttle

These are not yet confirmed and subject to change though. But at least we have some picture in our mind on what's coming next.

Sources from Eurobricks.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

LEGO Power Miners #8188, #8189, #8190 Review

Recently there is not much news of new sets to update and I started to be busy again. Well, this post is about Power Miners. Although these (new) Power Miners sets has been release for quite some times now but I think this time round they really done a good job. Bricks Review posted two reviews of them recently and one for quite some times ago.

#8190 Claw Catcher Review

I hope this will help those that are looking for reviews on the Power Miners set.

I do think the some third wave set looks much cooler than the first and second wave of Power Miners, especially the Fire Blaster and Claw Catcher. Also the new outfit for the minifigs and new magma monster are just again. . .cool~

The name below the pictures are link to the review.

Images from Flickr.