Thursday, November 28, 2013

The LEGO Movie Playsets for 2014

I guess the pictures surfaced much earlier than before but two days ago, we just saw that some of the sets comes in two different mode. The good news is that those set have the same width with the City vehicle, in other words, that means that they fit into the road plate.

From top left:
#70800 Getaway Glider, #70801 Melting Room, #70802 Bad Cop's Pursuit
#70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace, #70804 Ice Cream Machine, #70805 Trash Chomper
#70806 Castle Cavalry, #70807 MetalBeard's Duel, #70808 Super Cycle Chase
#70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair, #70811 The Flying Flusher, #70812 Creative Ambush
#70813 Rescue Reinforcements, #71004 LEGO® Minifigures - The LEGO Movie Series

Most of set looks rather weird and most of them does not looks that attractive to me. But hey, for those set that have two mode, they probably sells well since the City is in need of them with exception of garbage truck since we it released in City theme already. They do looks too big to fit into the City at the same time because usually only large city vehicle comes with 6 stud width.

It also seems like most of the sets comes with a good amount of parts and LEGO is generous enough to price them at a very good price if I were to compare with other them which have much lesser piece count. Parts scavenger gonna love them. With that many parts given, I think is a very good set to buy for the parts, and more stuff can be created. My opinion, very suitable for kids to do MOC and sharpening their creativity.

Looking at The LEGO Movie collectable minifigures, I think is better if we can hae a box of 30 instead of 60 since they are all static character which u do not need to repeat. The Panda is attractive, hope they give more Panda and Drones. But again kids are more into main character rather than side character. Who is the common and who is the rare, will be the question we are looking forward to.

Not sure how these sets are going to be priced here in Malaysia, but looking at the pricing in the States, they looks very attractive. If price remains the same, most of the set are going for RM150, that is the price I get if I direct convert after compare with the set from City theme. But who knows, since LEGO taking over the distribution, price might be a bit lower? Just my thought.

Am currently targeting a few of them, but they will not be my priority.

Images from LEGO website.

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