Friday, January 30, 2009

LEGO Indiana Jones Summer 2009 Catalog

Again, this are picture of retailer catalog (I think) extracted from Jedi News. Looks like I was wrong about #7195 Ambush in Cairo as i say in the previous post there are only 3 minifigs, but it actually has 4 minifigs. Is a good amount of minifig that we can have from a small set like this.

While for #7197 Venice Canal Chase, we get for minifig, I was right that the female minifigs was misplaced at the toy fair. So now, there are more new character popping up for Indiana Jones theme sets.

At last we get to see the #7199 Temple of Doom set which includes us 6 minifigs. All of them looks good to me especially the villain. Other than that, there are a few new torso for most of the minifigs unlike in the past year.

Click to enlarge

I like most of the set, except #7198 Fighter Plane Attack, but still LEGO did a great job designing all this set, although it might be the final design for all this set. Hope they will make some changes for the Temple of Doom, especially the crystal that Indiana Jones is holding turned out to be a Barraki eyes.

Image from Jedi News.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Summer LEGO Star Wars Catalog

Manage to find the images of the LEGO Star Wars catalog from Jedi News. I think they are still not a confirmed pictures of the set.

As we can see, the Senate Guard are using normal Clone Trooper helmet and be painted blue while Palpatine using Grand Moff Tarkin face. But we get to see Nute Gunray minifig image from here. A nice one. The image below are a little small, will link you guys to the picture later.

Click HERE to enlarge.

Other than that, I just realize that the rebel trooper from Echo Base set have new goggle, means we get a new piece which are more alike with the movie. Pray for them to be cheap, real cheap.

Besides that, we see that that the Venator Class do not have that republic logo on both of the side and it looks a little shorter than Star Destroyer but is thicker than Star Destroyer I think. The amount of minifig in that set are, of course fewer than Star Destroyer, a little upset with it.

But still they are prelim images I think, not a final. Guess there will be a slight different when the set are release.

Image from Jedi News.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Upcoming summer LEGO Star Wars sets

First of all, #7748 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid will only include us one Clone Trooper with jetpack, and the jetpack looks ugly. Hope they just made it for the prelim box art and have a way better designed jetpack during the release. But it seems like we will get just the normal Clone Trooper. Below are the box art:

Looks like LEGO also has change the background of this box art instead they are fighting on a desert. I like this set and probably will get a few.

As for the Echo base, it was the same with the prelim picture that we seen. A new Taun Taun, which is highly requested by the AFOL is included. Guess this seet will sold out in no time as it includes a handsome amount of minifigs from Hoth battle scene.

A very detailed horn Taun Taun have.

As for the Separatist Shuttle, we will get Nute Gunray and Padme's uncle (don't know what he is called). But the only new thing in the set is Nute Gunray minifig and I think it includes a Pilot Droid too, but no Clone Trooper.

While for Battle of Endor, we will get a Death Star Trooper and also the Scout Trooper. But I guess the Scout Trooper looks exactly like the old ones, just maybe they have plain dark head instead of printed one. As for the AT-ST, it looks not bad.

And if we look at the box art behind, the new Endor Rebel torso is darn ugly, I prefer they were printed like the old Luke Skywalker torso.

Finally, the box art of Y-wing. . .
Not sure if this set will sell well. . .

Images from Brickshelf.

Upcoming Indiana Jones sets

At last we get to see the complete model of upcoming Indiana Jones sets like #7196 Chauchilla Cemetery Battle, #7197 Venice Canal Chase and #7198 Fighter Plane Attack. The good news is that, we got all of these sets confirmed. But I don't think the minifigs are placed with the right set. Anyway, below are the pictures of them which I extracted from Brickshelf:

I guess the female minifigs is that German lady who betrayed Indiana Jones and Henry Jones. While on the other hand we get a new headgear from Venice Canal Chase.

Images from Brickshelf.

Summer 2009 Bionicle Vehicle

Not to forget about Bionicle fans, there are pictures on the vehicle as well. There is #8994 Baranus V7. Wonder why LEGO put a V7 at the back of it though as it do not looks like a engine powered vehicle. But to make things looks more realistic, LEGO created it according to Roman design, which is drag by some kind of 2-headed creature. This is what they call Glatorian! Well, this set contains 263 pieces and below are the images:

Guess you guys can try to zoom in to see the price.

On the other hand, here is another vehicle, #8993 Kaxium V3 which is bike-like vehicle. I think this set includes us two Agori. And even LEGO are not sure about the amount of bricks that build this set.

Well here's box art for Skopio XV-1 and Thornatus V9. Both were made of 849 and 440 pieces.

I will not be linking the folder as I have extracted all the pictures from the folder.

Images from Brickshelf.

LEGO Castle 2009 Set Images

At last, we get to see the completed #7079 Drawbridge Defense. Looks like we will get plenty of minifigures and I guess it right that we will get the queen minifig (I suppose) from this set and this set contains 335 pieces. From the picture we get to see the new so called golden knight and there are flick fire pieces on top of the tower. Hopefully it will be as the same price with Tower Raid, and I think this set is better than tower raid although it has less pieces. But why there are skeletons again? Anyway, below are the images:

On the other hand, #7097 Troll Mountain Fortress will include us the new Troll Witch (my own callings) and the king with new torso. But where is the throne? I think is a copper color one. as shown in the previous prelim box art. About the pieces, I'm not sure how many there are, as no one snap the box art. Other than that, there are no new giant troll been seen in the pictures. Hopefully, somebody will snap them in the future. Below are the picture of it:

Guess this is all the images for Troll Mountain Fortress. I thought it was only a wall like thing while I saw the prelim box art.

For a little bit more images of #7079 Drawbridge Defense, please visit:

Images from Brickshelf.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More LEGO Space Police Images

Since it's already toy fair, LEGO has reveal the summer 2009 sets. There are #5972 Container Heist, #5974 Galactic Enforcer and one more set which I do not know what it's call. And here we get to see the box art and looks like we will have plenty of new figure from this space police theme. But anyhow, I still do not like the villain's vehicle, they looks ugly to me although they looks really like a villain space vehicle. Below are some pictures of it:

The images provided are small but clear.
Also not to forget that, there are still two impulse sets for this theme. I can see a few new headgear from this theme too. Nice one.

For more pictures, log on to:

Images from Brickshelf.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

LEGO Castle 2009

As we know there will be #7078 King's Battle Chariot, #7079 Drawbridge Defense, and #7097 Troll's Dark Fortress. Well, we now have a clearer image on them. For #7079 Drawbridge Defense there will be 7 minifigs I think, a new knight, in 'golden' armor, the queen (not sure if I see it rightly) and also a Jester. Not sure what a jester is doing over there, but it will be a good opportunity for those who missed the Advent Calendar.

As for the #7097 Troll's Dark Fortress, there are no sign of the female troll witch, but insted there is a troll king and two new giant troll with marking on their forehead. Not sure whether it is because it is preliminary image, and the troll witch is replace with troll king, or maybe the troll witch is hidden somewhere.

But all on all, all the sets have a great amount of minifigs, especially #7097 Troll's Dark Fortress.
Below are the images of Drawbridge Defense and Troll's Dark Fortress:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Power Miners #8962, #8963 and #8964

As for this new theme, Power Miners, there already has 3 sets been confirmed. Looks like #8962 is a Crystal King. From that set you get 2 minifigs and a giant rock monster head, and for the rest of the body, they are made by bricks.

While for #8963 and #8964 we will get the new rock monster that is shown in the previous post. We will get a green one in #8963 and red one in #8964.

Looks like LEGO is getting smarter, whereby they separate the rock monster in different sets so we will buy more of them.

Guess they are summer 2009 Power Miners sets.

To look at the image, please visit:

LEGO Indiana Jones #7195 Ambush in Cairo and #7198 Fighter Plane Attack

Looks like 2 more sets from Indiana Jones has been confirmed, again by the prelim images. Well there definitely will be #7195 Ambush in Cairo which is a small set that 3 minifigs (looks like all the small Indiana Jones set contains 3 minifigs) and #7198 Fighter Plane Attack which also includ3 us 3 minifigs like the one from Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase set (forget the serial number). But it is a prelim images, most probably the minifigs will change.

For the images, please visit:

Space Police Impulse #8399 and #8400

There will be impulse sets for Space Police theme, the code for the impulse set are #8399 and #8400 which a good side and the bad side. The good side consist of a minifig, as usual, with a brick made robotic dog while the bad guy are on some sort of small speeder. I guess this time round the space police theme was badly design. The sets look ugly, I prefer Mars Mission more.

About the images, yes there is a prelim images for both this set already at Brickshelf. Guess they were uploaded on 21st January.

Guess you guys would like to drop by manxboi42 Brickshelf gallery.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Power Miners #8707 Boulder Blaster, US Toys'R'Us Exclusive

For Power Miners fans, #8707 Boulder Blaster is now available at the Toys'R'Us and was priced at $26.99. It turn out to be limited edition which indirectly means Toys'R'Us exclusive. The set contains 293 pieces which is quite expensive which is around 9cent per piece.

Information from Brickset.

LEGO CITY Farm set available in Toys'R'Us

For the Western Country, if you are looking for LEGO CITY Farm set, you can probably drop by at Toy'R'Us website as they have a few set uploaded in their website. Sets like #7636 Combine Harvester and #7634 Tractor is made available already.
If you plan to purchase #7634 Tractor, please visit:

If you plane to purchase #7636 Combine Harvester, please visit:

Images from Toys'R'Us website.

Monday, January 19, 2009

LEGO Castle #10193 Medieval Market Village Images

For those who are looking for a detail picture of #10193 Medieval Market Village, you guys can drop by at Brickshelf. There is a very detail images about this set uploaded in Brickshelf by vedder7. It might be helpful to those who not yet purchase the set. But all on all, this set looks good to me. Below are a picture taken from Brickshelf:

I guess most people will get this set after all, as this set worth the money and yet you get the new cows. Other than that, this set is a must have for Castle collector too.

For more images, please visit:

Image taken from Brickshelf.

Summer 2009 Bionicle

For Bionicle fans who is searching for the prelim images of summer 2009 Bionicle, the search is over. Well, I bump nto a folder while browsing through Brickshelf that contains the prelim images. They are very clear indeed, but for the Glatorian, it is quite small as 6 of them share a page. For vehicle, there will be:

#8992 Cendox V1
#8993 Kaxium V3
#8995 Thornatus V9
#8996 Skopic XV-1

Not sure whether Skopic is a beast or a vehicle.

Other than that, Stronius, Ackar, Vastus and others also has been confirmed.

As for the images, I will not be posting up in here but will link them to you.
To view the images, please visit:

Friday, January 16, 2009

LEGO Star Wars 2009 Second Quarter Sets

Looks like there are prelim pictures that has confirm the upcoming 2009 LEGO Star Wars set. They are:

#7748 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid

#7749 Echo Base

#8036 Separatist Shuttle

#8037 Anakin's Y-Wing Starfighter

#8038 The Battle Of Endor

#8039 Republic Cruiser Venator

All the sets above has been confirm, but no news or image of Millenium Falcon. Guess there will be no Millenium Falcon. Anyway, the sets above promise a handsome amount of minifigs or even a cool new minifigs like Nute Gunray, Endor Rebel, and etc.

As for the image of all of these sets, please visit:

New Images for Star Wars sets!

Prelim box art for #7749 Echo Base and #8038 The Battle Of Endor is finally show up in Brickshelf gallery. Too bad they are still prelim, but battle of Endor set have a lot of minifigs, guess many people will stock up that very set for future 'investment'.

Although I can't post them up here, but I will link the picture. Below are the link to #7749 image and #8038 image:
#7749 Echo Base

#8038 The Battle of Endor

The picture is a little small and blur, but still we can see it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LEGO Trade Federation Droid Control Ship

Lately, there is not much news about the upcoming 2009 sets and thing started to calm a little. Anyway I, have found this great MOC of the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship. I'm sure this take a long time to get them complete. It looks cool from far and it sure takes a lot of bricks. What's make it even more nice is that it can light up. Below are the pictures of it:

I'm not sure who the creator is, but he sure have a lot of patience to build this. There are mini droid fighter and carrier too. This is a piece of art.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

LEGO Pirates comic

To make life easier for those with slow connection, here's the LEGO Pirates comics that is downloaded from LEGO website. They actually made them in Adobe file, so I have convert them into JPEG file, for faster viewing. Below are the comics:

Be sure to drop by LEGO site to check out the new Piratess site. Click on the link below:

Images from LEGO website.

Space Police officially announced.

LEGO has Space Police banner up in LEGOland, that's according to source, and he has manage to get a few shot of it withi his camera phone.

Yea, we get a new headgear, but i do not like the design of the ship, they looks ugly to me.

Images from Eurobricks.

#7752 Count Dooku's Solar Sailer Gallery

Finally, there are people that put up 7752# Count Dooku's Solar Sailer review at Brother Bricks. But what's important is that, we can view the images on Brickshelf too. Below are some shots taken from Brickshelf:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

The sets looks good to me, but most probably that the cockpit can only fit on minifig. Other than that, I guess there is nothing else to complain, except the pilot droid with skeleton leg as it's head and from the picture the hatch at the back looks like it can't be close properly. The lightsaber hilt looks like chrome too, but I think is probably the light.

For the review, log on to:

For more shots of this set, log on to:

Images from Brickshelf.