Monday, December 30, 2013

LEGO Movie #70804 Ice Cream Machine Review

Here's the last for review at the moment and again I prefer the truck mode more than flight mode plus this is the second time I see an ice-cream truck from LEGO, other than the Joker one which came in the previous tumbler playset.

I can said this is the best ice-cream truck I have seen so far although the cone seems a bit too big for this truck. Nevertheless this is a good buy and definitely be very useful to your City which do not have any ice-cream truck. Other words, a good addition to your city. Somehow the set do let me feel a bit small compare to what I have seen in box art. Small is good sometimes so they can fit into your road baseplate.

The flying truck a bit turns me off, luckily there is the truck mode to support this set to make it sellable, on top of that the piece count too does help in selling this set.

Images from Eurobricks.

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