Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Online LEGO Catalog Up!

LEGO 2009 Online Catalog is already up in the website, and of course you can see the new set pictures in it. But too bad, they are not able to be save unless you print screen (yes, Malaysia do not have that free catalog deliver to you). But anyway will enjoy looking at them too even just a peek. There are theme like Pirates, Power Miners and etc. but I don't see any CITY Farm set there except that horse trailer.

Click here to pick your catalog.

Pictures of #8016 Hyena Droid Bomber

It's been awhile since I've updated my blog, anyway this folder in Brickshelf has been up for a few days already. The folder contains pictures of a fully assembled Hyena Droid Bomber together with the minifigs. It will be useful for those who think of purchasing this set. Below are a picture extracted from the folder:

This set will only looks good with the decal on, or else it will look so plain.

For more pictures, log on to:

Image from Brickshelf.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

More 2009 CITY sets

There will be more CITY sets releasing, maybe August sets, all I can see is a blur picture but if I'm not mistaken there is three sets which looks pretty much promising. One of them might be a RV, while the other one is some shop and street with a school bus (I suppose), while the last one seems to be a garage like building. The folder is not yet public, I guess the owner of that Brickshelf folder has updated it, so we have to wait until it was public:

To view the pictures, please visit:

Source from Brickshelf.

Friday, December 26, 2008

August 2009 LEGO Star Wars list

Looks like the coming year will be a great year for LEGO Star Wars fans, but also a hurtful year to their pocket, especially wallet. I found a list which contains a minifigures list together with the coming sets. I guess they are all not bad, but as we can now, the price of the set release now is definitely not reasonable, but still as a collector, we have to buy them all. Below are the list from a person who have already seen the preliminary picture:

7748 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid ™: 2 droids and 2 clones with jump packs (the jump packs looks like the classic space oxygen tanks but then they are prelim pics). The tank is basically gray (different shades) in colour.

7749 Echo Base™: One laser turrent with a trench wall. 2 hoth rebel soldiers, 2 snow trooper with one of them holding the "big gun" (Sorry, cannot remember what that thing is called, similar to the one found in the earlier MF) and 1 Taun-taun with, I believe, Han Solo on it.

8036 Separatists Shuttle ™: 3 droids, 1 "green" guy and another person in orange. Unfortunately, I cannot make out the 2 key minifigs as the pics are not very clear.

8037 Anakin's Y-wing Starfighter ™: Basically the design from the clone war animation with Anakin, Ashoka and R2-D2.

8038 The Battle of Endor ™: There will be the "back door" to the base in the forest as seen in the movies. There will be Han Solo, Leia (looks like a new torso, green), R2-D2, 2 rebel soldiers (in green and helmets as seen in the movies), 2 scout troopers with speeders, 2 ewoks(1 on a glider and there is also a catapult) and 1 AT-ST with Chewbecca on it. I cannot see clearly but there might be an imperial officer within the base.
(11 minifigs? Not sure how much LEGO go place the price of this set)

8039 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser ™: At first I could not really make out who is that with the wavy hair and the 2 blue figures.... then I realised it is probably Chancellor Palpatine!! Plus the 2 senate guards (is that what they call them...) There will also be a clone trooper officer (I cannot see clearly who is that) and 1 clone trooper.

No picture again, but from a reliable source.

Sources from Eurobricks.

New Power Miners Monster?

I found a picture on Brickshelf, and this time, it is a giant rock monster instead of a small one. So I guess there will be more Power Miners set coming if this picture are the new rock monster. Below are the picture, it is a small one:

Image from Brickshelf.

Get Your 2009 sets today!

This will be a short message to all the LEGO fans. LEGO Online Shop have all the 2009 sets released. While for Star Wars fans, Count Dooku's Solar Sailer is already available except for United States and Canada. Drop by to the website to purchase before they are sold out.

Below are the link that link you to the shop:

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Castle 2009 Preliminary pictures

From the previous post, not sure when, there will be another three Castle sets that will be released other than Castle Town Square, now we have a blurry pictures of them. The blurry pictures is better than nothing as we can at least know how they look like.

I will not post pictures here, but will link you to them, hope you guys don't mind.

#7078 King's Battle Chariot
#7079 Drawbridge Defense
#7097 Troll's Dark Fortress

There is a good amount of minifigs in them and also new minifigs.

LEGO Star Wars #7752 Count Dooku Solar Sailer picture

This time I found a clearer picture of Count Dooku's Solar Sailer from a Flickr folder. Now we can have a clear look at the minifigs and the vehicle itself together with the speeder. The sets looks great after all although is brown in color. Here's the picture:

Count Dooku looks ugly, but at least he have a cape unlike Mace Windu. While the pilot droid (I suppose) his head looks like some skeleton leg to me.
To have a closer look, press:

On the other hand, here's Ahsoka's Starfighter and Vulture Droid picture, not sure whether her Starfighter looks like the one with Kit Fisto at Clone Wars series episode 10. Anyway is another great job that LEGO has done.

To have more shots of this Ahsoka's Starfighter, press:

Here's the link to the gallery, you might get to see some blurry preliminary Castle pictures.

Images from Flickr.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

LEGO Star Wars 2009 released.

For those LEGO Star Wars fans out there who live in United States, you can get all of the 2009 LEGO Star Wars set from Toys'R'Us already. Not sure if all Toys'R'Us have them but the best is to drop by to your nearest Toys'R'Us as you can't get them online anymore, which in other word, they are sold out online. Maybe Toys'R'Us, Thousand Oaks, California still have stock.

On the other hand, if you want to see some shot of #8019 Republic Attack Shuttle, you can log to:
What's nice about this set is that it has no sticker sheet.

Image from Brickshelf.

More 2009 LEGO Bionicle Picture

I've found a pictures of another six new LEGO Bionicle sets, and the pictures is real blurry and I'm not sure whether they are the real one or a prank made by other LEGO fans. But judging from the canister and the box art, I guess they are new one as there are new pieces from the set. Other than that, the top of the canister are also newly design. Below are the picture:

I forget where is the link but I think one folder from Brickshelf have this picture too.

Image from Brickshelf.

Monday, December 22, 2008

More new CITY set in 2009.

This new CITY set is shown on the new Austria LEGO catalog. It sure looks good, but I'm not interested with it. It is a limited edition set coming in June 2009, which is still a half year to go. Is a highway service team I suppose. I thought it was a new coast guard set when I saw the color. The picture are as below:

On the other hand, there are also #7643 Air-Show Plane a 115 pieces set which include us two minifigs, a female and a male. This set looks simple, but I think it will be a great collection. Below are the picture from Brickset, a little small though.

Images from Eurobricks & Brickset.

2009 LEGO list.

I also found a list of LEGO that will be release some other time. Below are the list:

Duplo Creative Buildings
5486 Fun with LEGO® DUPLO® bricks
5488 LEGO® DUPLO® Farm Building Set
5538 LEGO® DUPLO® Creative Bucket
5588 LEGO® DUPLO® Giant Box
66283 LEGO DUPLO Build and Play Value Pack

Duplo LEGO Ville
5592 My First Plane
5594 Cargo Plane
5595 Airport
These 3 sets (5592, 5594, 5595) I suppose they should be released in 2008, but it is delayed to 2009.
5639 Family House
5640 Petrol Station
5641 Busy Garage

LEGO Creative Buildings
5487 Fun with LEGO® bricks
5489 Ultimate LEGO® Vehicle Building Set
5539 LEGO® Creative Bucket
5560 LEGO® Large Pink Brick Box
5587 LEGO® Basic Bricks with Fun Figures
5589 LEGO® Giant Box
6194 My LEGO® Town
66284 LEGO Build and Play Value Pack

Space Police
5969 Squidman's Escape
5970 Freeze Ray Frenzy
5971 Gold Heist
5972 Container Heist
5973 Hyperspeed Pursuit
5974 Galactic Enforcer
5979 Max Security Transport
5980 Squidman's Pitstop
8399 K9-Bot
8400 Space Speeder
Apart from 5969-5974, there are 2 more sets 5979 and 5980, also 2 impulses 8399 and 8400.

6299 LEGO® Pirates Advent Calendar
I think most of you may get surprised of a Pirates Calender in next Chirstmas!

6751 Fiery Legend
6752 Fire Rescue
6753 Highway Transport
6754 Family Home

7078 King's Battle Chariot
7079 Drawbridge Defence
7097 Trolls' Mountain Fortress
10193 Medieval Market Village

Indiana Jones
7195 Ambush In Cairo
7196 Chauchilla Cemetery Battle
7197 Venice Canal Chase
7198 Fighter Plane Attack
7199 The Temple of Doom ™

Nothing new in Creator, Castle and Indiana Jones.

7638 Tow Truck
7639 Camper
7641 City Corner
7642 Garage
7686 Helicopter Transporter
7687 LEGO® City Advent Calendar
7747 Wind Turbine Transport
8402 Sports Car

Two more City sets 7747 and 8402. 8402 is the same price as 8401.

Star Wars
7748 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid ™
7749 Echo Base™
7751 Ashoka's Starfighter ™ & Vulture Droid ™
7752 Count Dooku's Solar Sailer ™
7753 Pirate Tank ™
7754 Home One ™ Mon Calamari Star Cruiser ™
7778 Mid-scale Millennium Falcon ™
8036 Separatists Shuttle ™
8037 Anakin's Y-wing Starfighter ™
8038 The Battle of Endor ™
8039 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser ™

Here is the confirmation of sets 7753 and 7754, while the other sets have been found before.
But note that 8039 is a very expensive sets, I guess around USD 149.99!
7754 and 8038 also are big sets around USD 100.

8169 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4
8182 Monster Crushers
8183 Track Turbo RC
8184 Twin X-treme RC
8185 Ferrari Truck
8186 Street Extreme

Here is the confirmation of Ferrari 8185, while other set names are found before.

8258 Crane Truck
8265 Front Loader

8258 is an huge sets with the same price as 8275, I guess around USD 149.99.


Yes, there will be NXT 2.0 in 2009.

Power Miners
8707 Boulder Blaster
8708 Cave Crusher
8709 Underground Mining Station
8962 Crystal King
8963 Rock Wrecker
8964 Titanium Command Rig

Apart from 8956-8961, these are the rest, which 8708 and 8709 are new finds.

8984 Stronius
8985 Ackar
8986 Vastus
8987 Kiina
8988 Gelu
8989 Mata Nui
Here is the confirmation of the 6 sets in the second half of 2009.

8992 Cendox V1
8993 Kaxium V3
8994 Baranus V7
8995 Thornatus V9
8996 Skopio XV-1

The list above are from a person which is a reliable source.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

LEGO Star Wars #7751 released

On the other hand, LEGO Star Wars #7751 Ahsoka's Starfighter and Vulture Droid has been spotted too at LEGO Store at Brighton, England. I'm not sure about the price but is under £30.

For those who live near there can make your move and get the set already, you know where to get it now.

This set is not officially release on LEGO Online Shop yet. Anyway, this starfighter of her looks a little like the Kit Fisto's Starfighter (you can see it on Star Wars Clone Wars episode 10 season one. Below are image of the set:

Image from Brickshelf.

LEGO Castle #10193 Medieval Market Village released

Still remember the Castle theme #10193 Medieval Market Village or Castle Town Square ? Well, I'm here to announce that is has been released at LEGO Store in Brighton and retailing at £68.50. Is sure good to be able have your hand early on it before it was gone. Below are the picture of it to refresh your memory:

Image from Brickset.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Power Miners Review

For you guys who is looking for Power Miners set reviews, you guys can drop by at Brickshelf as there are many review on Power Miners at there. I found a member who already got four Power Miners review up in his gallery already. It's great to have this kind of people who like to share his set with us, which is very much useful to people who can't really decide well. Here's a few pictures taken from the folder:

Thanks to smarth, now we can see all four of these cool models.

To see all four review, please visit:
smarth's Brickshelf Folder

LEGO Star Wars Comic no.5 is up

LEGO Star Wars comic no.5 entitle Orders are Orders is now up in LEGO Star Wars site. Too bad, this comic will be continue in other volume. Other than that, you get to see Count Dooku, but in the blue hologram form, so is rather blurry and it don't seems to be good looking to me. Besides that, there are high possibilities that his beard in printed.

To read the comic, log on to:

Image from LEGO website.

New LEGO Power Miners 2009 set #8707 Boulder Blaster

Today, I spotted a new set of Power Miners which is limited edition and I don't think the size are big. The set is #8707. It looks like some kind of bulldozer with flick fire dynamite. Not sure how I will like the set and prioritize them as there are many interesting sets coming next year. Below are the picture that I found, a small one though:

This set is call Boulder Blaster and you may log on to Brickset to see a clearer picture.

Image from Brickshelf.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Clearer #8019 Republic Attack Shuttle Image

Here's a clearer view of #8019 Republic Attack Shuttle function. Of course it is from the back of the box. It's good to have a clearer view of them, but I didn't save the link. It was from Ebay. Here's the pictures that you can see it clearly without making your eyes pain:

Now they all looks clearer, viewer friendly. Hehe. I can see a hole right in front of weapon holder, a trap set for the Clones huh? The hole is made for the bar that contains flick fire missile to be drop off.

Images from Ebay.

LEGO Bionicle #8980 Gresh and #8974 Tarduk

More and more Bionicle Glatorian set are up in Brickshelf, somehow, I forget to save the pictures of #8982 Strakk a few days back due to slow connection and now I present you the pictures of Gresh and Tarduk, and of course the pictures are taken from Brickshelf, a LEGO image host. Thanks to the website and we can see a lot of pictures. Anyway here' the pictures of both of these Bionicle:

Click to enlarge

For more pictures of them, log on to:

Image from Brickshelf.

LEGO Star Wars 2009 #8018 AAT Speeder

I guess is time for us to see what kind of speeder does it included in the AAT. Actually AAT itself is a cool set as it gives us a large amount of minifigs and the new design looks just great. Alright, let's get back to topic, the speeder itself looks ugly, a little alike like the one in MTT (#7662) but the one in MTT looks better. Here's the pictures of the speeder:

Click to enlarge

On the other hand, here's the back view of Yoda.

Click to enlarge

I sure hope the head piece is not like the crown piece from Indiana Jones female minifigs, which there will be a hold on the hair for you to fix the crown piece.

For more pictures, including Hyena Droid Bomber too, please visit:

Images from Flickr.

LEGO Star Wars 2009 #7752 Count Dooku's Solar Sailer Box Art

Here's the box art of Count Dooku's Solar Sailer, but it is not clear yet small. Anyway, it is still useful as we can see the minifigs included with the set. It looks like there will be four minifigs included and it was a limited edition set (again). Not sure what is the white droid, hope can get a clear view of it. Other than that, I guess there is the picture of the speeder on the right. Too bad, they all looks too small.

For a couple of more pictures on other set, please visit:

Images from Brickshelf.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Bionicle Glatorian set.

Brickshelf has many pictures of LEGO Bionicle Glatorian by now, and some of the folder are useful to people while some are not, as there are only one or two pictures about the set. Anyway, here's a picture of Skrall, the black Glatorian:

To see more pictures of Skrall, log on to:

While here is a picture of completed Vorox (it didn't turn out to be what I expected). Anyway the pictures might be useful for Bionicle collector.

A little more of Voros pictures? Visit :

Images from Brickshelf.

Monday, December 15, 2008

LEGOLand for Malaysian!

Well, it's been confirm that LEGOLand will be build in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia. The project will start on 2010 and estimated to take 3 years to complete. Here's the article from The Star:

JOHOR BARU: Work on the RM750mil Legoland theme park at Bandar Nusajaya in Iskandar Malaysia will start in 2010 and the opening slated for 2013.

The park, to be built in the city centre of Nusajaya, will have a 5.5 million sq ft of gross floor area within the 58.679ha land dedicated for the lifestyle-theme development.

Merlin Entertainment Group Ltd managing director for Legoland Parks, John Jakobsen said the theme park would create about 1,000 job opportunities in the park itself and it could reach up to 5,000 during construction period and indirectly upon the completion of the project.

Sectors which would benefit from the opening of the park would include retail, hospitality, services and food and beverage to cater for tourists and visitors.

John Jakobsen

“We want to position our Johor park not only as a leading tourist attraction in Malaysia but also in the region,’’ he said.

Jakobsen said the park was expected to attract between one and two million visitors yearly.

“The figure is based from our four existing parks with revenue between US$40mil and US$100mil per park,’’ he said.

Merlin, which is controlled by Blackstone Group of New York, an investment and advisory firm, has 70% equity in Legoland theme parks while Lego Group holds 30% stake.

Legoland has four theme parks.

The park in Billund, Denmark opened in 1968, Windsor, England (1996), California (1999) and Germany (2002) and in Dubai, which will open in 2011.

Other theme parks under Merlin stable include Madame Tussauds, London Eye, Thrope Park, Sea Life Sanctuaries, Dungeons in Europe, 28 aquariums and six hotels across the world.

“We have considered coming to Malaysia about four years ago and we started seriously looking into it about eight months ago,’’ he said.

He said the company’s investment decision in Iskandar was based on the development activities to be implemented.

Jakobsen said the Legoland park in Johor would not only attract visitors from other parts of Malaysia and Singapore but visitors from other countries in the region.

He said visitors from other countries in this region would find it more convenient to come here than going to Europe or North America.

Jakobsen said Malaysia offered a strategic location in Asia with 60% of the world’s population.

“Legoland park is different from other parks as our attractions are made to appear as if they are built out of Lego bricks,’’ said Jakobsen.

He said Legoland park targeted at children aged from two to 12 years old accompanied by their parents or grandparents and not teenagers and young adults which was the main focus of the other theme park operators.


Hopefully there will be cheap LEGO by that time.

Here's the link:

Article taken from The Star website.

LEGO Star Wars 2009 #8019 Republic Attack Shuttle

At last we get to see the box art, especially the back of the box which show us the function of the set. This set has more function than the #7674 V-19 Torrent besides have more minifigs. The cockpit of this set able to seat 2 Clone Pilot, which again it is not enough Clone Pilot. Anyway the playability of this set and the amount of minifigs are way much better than V-19 Torrent (if the price are same). Here's the pictures of it:

Well, as you can see from the pictures above, it features a flick fire missiles, opening cockpit, fold up wing, 'bomb' droping mechanism, opening top hatch at the back, rifle blaster holder and light saber holder.

For a few more images, please visit:

Images from Brickshelf.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

LEGO Star Wars 2009 #7752 Count Dooku's Solar Sailer

At last, this set is confirmed and will be release on February, and it will most probably be an exclusive set or limited edition set. Most probably the Magna Guard with markings are from this very set and we will get Count Dooku minifig again. Other than that, this set seems to have anothe speeder just like AAT (well, the speeder looks more like a hover craft). So here's the picture:

It looks good to me and we have purple cone again which features a flick fire missile. Guess next year will be another great years for LEGO Star Wars collector, but too bad, we can't see Count Dooku from this image.

Image from Eurobricks.

Get your LEGO Star Wars 2009 Battle Pack today!

Toy'R'Us in the United States already have them online for sale, well actually I know it earlier but there are no proof of it, but now there is and what is good about it is that you can purchase them online. Below are pictures from Toy'R'Us:

What the. . . only 3x Rifle Blaster are given in Clone Walker Battle Pack? (T T) And only 72 pieces? 10 pieces less than Imperial Dropship but anyway is more than the previous Clone Battle Pack.

To get your #8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack, log on to:

Well, well, what do we have here, 5 Assassin Droids. Too bad, I don't like them but this set includes us 5x Rifle Blaster and more pieces.

To get your #8015 Assassin Droids Battle Pack, log on to:

And what is the even good news is that, the price remain the same, USD9.99!

Images from Toys'R'Us.

LEGO Power Miners 2009, #8956 Stone Chopper

Those lucky people who already being able to get their hand on the 2009 sets makes the set useful for other people with some shots of the set. Thanks to them who can get their hand early on the set and make a picture review somewhere that is helpful to everyone when it comes to choosing. Here, I found a Power Miners set, which is Stone Chopper, the smallest set of all between those set that will be release soon. Below are the picture of the set:

Click to enlarge

Well, this small set is useful for minifig collector as it includes 2 minifigs, a rock monster (forget what it's name) and a human minifig. The way they (LEGO) design this Stone Chopper is more or less the same with the Mars Mission MT-101 Drilling Unit bike.

Where to get them?
Try visit your local Target and Toys'R'Us (United States).

For more pictures, please visit the link below:

Image from

LEGO Bionicle 2009, Malum

Well, again, I spotted new things on Brickshelf this morning, is a Bionicle and is Malum, the red Glatorian for 2009 from Bionicle Glatorian universe. The helmet was something new, but I don't like his head which is a little different from 2008 Matoran. Hopefully the others have a face like the Toa. Below are a picture taken from that gallery:

Click to enlarge

Thanks to Kohena, we get to see how it is like before we buy, Malum sure looks big as the chest plate makes him looks big.

For extra pictures, please visit:

On the other hand, we also have some pictures of Agori which is Raanu, Atakus and Metus from other Brickshelf user. So they are eventually released somewhere, most probably United States.

Click to enlarge
For more pictures of Raanu, please visit:

Click to enlarge
For more pictures of Atakus, please visit:

Click to enlarge
For more pictures of Metus, please visit:

Image from Brickshelf.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pictures of LEGO CITY #7633

For those who are thinking to get the Construction Site (#7633), perhaps this gallery by legopaul can help you clear up your mind if you still hesitate between this set and other set that comes up in your mind while trying to purchase a set for yourself or even christmas gift. Below are a picture taken from the gallery:

The sets looks huge, and not as ugly as I expected, it turns out to be great, I like the green crane that carry the small digger.

For more pictures, visit the site below:

Image from Brickshelf.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pirates #6253 Shipwreck Hideout

After years of resting, LEGO Pirates start to be active again, but only active in United States and Canada for now. Anyway, LEGO has post up the Shipwreck Hideout at their LEGO Online Store for the United States and Canada, it was retailing at USD39.99 or CAD54.99. Below are pictures from LEGO:

Look at the accessories, there are so much, they even includes you a crab. Other than that, you receive a female pirates as well, with one of her eye are patch. Things starting to get interesting for the United States and Canada but not the other part of the world.

-310 pieces
-6 minifigs

Images from LEGO website.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

LEGO Pirates Comic Artist

The artist for the Pirates comic have his own blog too, but too bad, none of his work are uploaded there, maybe because of the copyright by LEGO. For those who have the new Pirates set will found his work at the back of the instructions book or instructions booklet. Anyway here is a piece of artwork from him:

Here's the link to the artist blog:

Image from davidwhiteillustration blog.

LEGO Indiana Jones Shanghai Chase in Germany

Again, while browsing through Brickshelf gallery every morning, I came across a folder by NavyTrooperFenson, there are pictures for #7682 Indiana Jones Shanghai Chase. Well, I guess the images are mostly for pictorial review somewhere. Below are some pictures extracted from Brickshelf:

According to NavyTrooperFenson, he get this set at Galeria Kaufhof, Germany. So is actually a good news for German fans of Indiana Jones who love this set. You might want to get a copy for yourself there.

For more pictures, please visit: Brickshelf
(I've link the word to the gallery itself)

Images from Brickshelf.