Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LEGO Indiana Jones #7195 Ambush in Cairo Review

Doing another review for fun. =D

Theme: Indiana Jones (Classic)
Name : Ambush in Cairo Review
S/N : #7195
Year : 2009
Pieces : 79
Minifig : 4
Price : RM92.90, SGD29.90, USD10.99, GBP9.79

The theme of the box art do not change ever since this theme is launch but the size of the box is getting smaller compare to the two previous set. The front of the box art is show us the thing we are getting after assembling all the bricks with some added background while the side shows us the minifigs we are getting together with their name. At the back is just another shot of the set with small advertisement of #7199 Temple of Doom and the Indiana Jones game.

Inside the box, we found ourselves with 2 packs of bricks and an instruction booklet. The instruction booklet do not include us some basic knowledge of assembling LEGO anymore but straight to assembling minifigs process. As usual we got building steps and brick checklist together with some summer Indiana Jones set advertisement.

This set include us a lot of minifig's accessories as well. We got guns, apples, plate, pan, sword and whip. Consider it not bad though. Extra handgun are not included here.

We got four minifigs from this set which is much better compare to the two small Indiana Jones set in the previous release where we got only three minifigs. Both Indy and Marion got new outfit and I'm glad that the turban and ninja headgear is back.
As usual Marion got two expression and under the ninja headgear is the Grail Guardian minifigs head. Those thug from Cairo have darker skin tone too.

While here's the small little stall together with the cart. They looks so simple and it probably took you five minutes to complete everything. But luckily, there are plenty of accessories provided so it is still worth getting.

And here's the two little extra parts left for us.

While here's the shot of completion:

Playability: 5/10 Just the cart with moving wheel function and the big wooden tank to hide minifigs.
Design : 7/10 The design of the cart is good but not the stall.
Price : 4/10 The price here (at my country) are not acceptable.
Overall: 8/10 Great amount of accessories and four minifigs! I just like it!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

LEGO Star Wars #8084 Snow Trooper Battle Pack

Star Wars has become my favourite theme and also many other favourite. If I'm not mistaken #8084 Snow Trooper Battle Pack is shown in a Russian event. Below are the picture:

Love this set so much as we get a proper speeder bike this time round although the front turret are different. But compare to the previous battle pack, there is nothing to complain about this speeder bike. We got all rare minifigs in here and the good part is we get a new helmet mold for AT-AT Pilot as well! The new helmet seems to be more accurate but bigger as well as with more printing, that eventually will lead to a messy printing.

Most probably the rumour of new AT-AT is coming is true.

We got new helmet for ARC-170 Starfighter Pilot too, which is face revealing.
Also, here's #8086 Droid Tri-Fighter image:

I like the new look of this set and I suppose it is bigger compare to the previous version (#7252). Now we can have new space scene made. XD

Images from Eurobricks.

LEGO Technic 2010

I'm not a real Technic fans but I guess the buggy looks great and here's the pictures of the sets without any confidential mark on it. I found them on Brickshelf, but not sure where is the real source from.

#8406 Helicopter & #8408 Buggy

Both are the same colour, and at first I either one of them are alternate model to another. XP

To see a little more shot. please visit:
AVCampos's Brickshelf Gallery

Image from Brickshelf.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The coming shipment . . .

Well, there will be a new shipment coming to us, Malaysian. Below are the list:

#7686 Helicopter Transporter - RM172.00

Power Miners:
#8708 Cave Crusher - RM311.00

Space Police:
#5969 Squidman Escape - RM36.00
#5970 Freeze Ray Frenzy - RM60.00
#5971 Gold Heist - RM125.00
#5972 Space Truck Getaway - RM186.00
#5973 Hyperspeed Pursuit - RM310.00
#5974 Galactic Enforcer - RM590.00
#5979 Max Security Transport - RM241.00

Star Wars:
#7753 Pirate Tank - RM300.00

#8169 Lamborghini Gallardo - RM290.00
#8182 Monster Crushers - RM241.00
#8185 Ferrari Truck - RM455.00

#8258 Crane Truck - RM990.00
#8265 Front L0ader - RM510.00

#8547 Mindstorms NXT 2.0 - RM1500.00

#6751 Fiery Legend - RM221.00
#6752 Fire Rescue - RM325.00
#6753 Highway Transport - RM520.00
#6754 Family Home - RM390.00

#8984 Stronius - RM62.00
#8985 Ackar - RM62.00
#8986 Vastus - RM62.00
#8987 Kiina - RM62.00
#8988 Gelu - RM62.00
#8989 Mata Nui - RM62.00
#8992 Cendox V1 - RM107.00
#8993 Kaxium V3 - RM165.00
#8994 Baranus V7 - RM220.00
#8995 Thornatus V9 - RM335.00
#8996 Skopio XV-1 - RM445.00

Price have been rounded up. =)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LEGO Power Miners #8709 Underground Mining Station Available at Toys"R"Us

For Malaysian LEGO Power Miners fans, #8709 Underground Mining Station is now available at Toys"R"Us and it seems to be a limited edition set. So again, if you want to get a set for yourself, you have to visit Toys"R"Us near you again.

It seems a little fast for the set to arrive here, even the Space Police #5980 Squidman Pitstop.
Regarding the price, it is RM350 if I'm not mistaken.

#8709 Underground Mining Station
637 pieces

Image from LEGO website.

Monday, September 21, 2009

LEGO Power Miners #8188 Fire Blaster

Next year Power Miners will have a new look which seems very appealing to me. Looks like we got new kind of monster and also new outfit for Power Miners team.

I definitely have to get a copy at least, if there is only one kind of new monster. =P Also we can see that LEGO is bringing back Ice Planet visor, maybe with a little changes like there is no antennae or it is block by the minifigs.

Here's the link to Target:
LEGO Power Miners #8188 Fire Blaster

Image from Target.

Bionicle Star 2010

Bionicle Star might be the last of Bionicle amd the looks like chibi Bionicle to me. Anyway the set comes with so called extra golden parts and it's cool to have that Tahu mask. Below are the box art of four sets:
*The above set are up in Target store:
Tahu & Takanuva

Gresh and Skrall

Rakshi will be in yellow colour while Piraka will be in blue colour and I don't really like the look of them.

Images from Target.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

LEGO Ben10

LEGO Ben10 will be launch next year and it seems to be true that the we, will be Ben10 and we are only assembling the monster. Not sure how this news turn out to be for collector, but I personally not like it.

Below are the list of the sets:
#8409 Spider Monkey
#8410 Swampfire
#8411 Chromastone
#8517 Humungosaur
#8518 Jet Ray
#8519 Big Chill

*I'm not good with Ben10 names, don't blame me if I were to spell wrong. =P
All the sets above listed seems like the name of all the monster.

Sources from svetlega.cz

Saturday, September 19, 2009

LEGO Bionicle 2010

Looks like there will be Bionicle by year 2010, which is Bionicle STAR.

Below are the list of the Bionicle that will be release next year:
#7116 STAR Tahu
#7117 STAR Gresh
#7135 STAR Takanuva
#7136 STAR Skrall
#7137 STAR Piraka
#7138 STAR Rakshi

Also I've heard rumour that this will be last batch of Bionicle theme and will discontinued after that. So there goes the most hated and the most favourite theme that has been here for a long time.

Some might feel happy while some might not.

Sources from svetlega.cz

LEGO Pirates to be put ot rest by mid 2010.

As above topic, it shock me that this theme discontinued so fast and of course it will be a sad news for Pirates theme fans. So is a great time to start stock up your pirates set, whether it is tic tac toe set, chess set, battle pack or even the playset. So you guys will always have some set to be play with.

And here's what Steve Witt from LEGO community says:
Just so you know, Pirates isn't gone its on hiatus like every other line that isn't one of our primary themes: CASTLE, SPACE, and CITY

Pirates isn't going away, its just not going to be a constant theme. Its going to phase in and out just like every other theme that isn't one of those three. Everyone is freaking out just a bit too much on this one and I just wanted to reassure you guys that pirates isn't disappearing. Just taking a break


Article extracted from Eurobricks.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

#10198 Tantive IV Images

For those who haven't bought #10198 Tantive IV and plan to see some pictures of that set can visit Brickshelf to have a peek. Ben506 have uploaded the complete model of this set at in his Brickshelf folder.

Well, This set is definitely up to you to judge it and for more pictures, please log on to:
Ben506's Brickshelf folder

Images from Brickshelf.

LEGO Star Wars site updated

LEGO Star Wars site finally gets it new looks and of course it is still Clone Wars version like what we saw in the box art. On top of that, they have also updated the products available in it, but too bad no Tantive IV though.

Also, they have added Holo-Bricks Archives, but still in beta and here's the link to the fresh new look site: LEGO Star Wars

Image from LEGO website.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Malaysia Toys"R"Us sales

Toys"R"Us launches their warehouse member sales today. Below are the list of LEGO set available:

#8019 Republic Attack Shuttle RM279.90 (44.01%)
#4997 Transport Ferry RM254.90 (41.254%)
#4998 Stegosaurus RM144.90 (40.833%)
#8018 Armored Assault Tank (AAT) RM199.90 (42.87%)
#8016 Hyena Droid Bomber RM100.90 (43.92%)
#8017 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter RM144.90 (42.02%)
#6187 Road Construction Set RM109.90 (31.27%)
#7630 Front-End Loader RM49.90 (28.61%)
#7631 Dump Truck RM79.90 (27.30)
#7632 Crawler Crane RM209.90 (30.01%)
#7744 Police Headquarters RM299.90 (40.01%)
#7633 Construction Site RM389.90 (29.10%)
#8157 Ferrari F1 1:9 RM319.90 (42.35%)
#8295 Telescopic Handler RM289.90 (40.83%)

I guess that's all for now.

New Malaysia Online LEGO Community

Today, 09-09-09, we have got a new Malaysia online LEGO community which is Bricksmal. Now, we all have one place to stop by to talk about our favourite plastic bricks and share our collection.

Besides, we need to be together to discuss the upcoming plan for our LEGO events. So it will be a great place for us to post our thought as rumour said we will have our Brickfest a few years later from now.

And here's the link to the community: Bricksmal

Hope all of you will register yourself there, so see you guys there! I've added the link at LEGO communities too.

Image from Bricksmal.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LEGO Ben 10 rumours

Next year, we will have LEGO Ben10 to be released other than all sort of other theme like Toy Story, Prince of Persia, and Atlantis.

However, according to rumours, Ben10 set will turn out to be something like Bionicle or the dragon figure from Castle theme unlike Toy Story and Prince of Persia where you have the LEGO minifig. Yup, is more like a whole big figure if you ask me.

The whole set is to assemble the monster only, and the builder itself will be Ben10! Not sure how the kids are going to like it but I guess most of us are not going to like it.

Since LEGO is saying there will be a new experience to play with Ben10 set this rumour might turn out to be true or might not turn out to be true, but is a little shocking to hear that as I was expecting something like the playset that have different kind of minifigs in it.

Anyway, we will know during the release.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Space Police #5980 Squidman's Pitstop in Malaysia

For those Space Police fans in Malaysia #5980 Squidman's Pitstop which turn out to be limited edition set here is release in Toys"R"Us at RM229.90. For those who stay near Toys"R"Us might want to check out at your local store see if they are in stock or not.

Since this set include us with three different alien it might be a set you might want to consider of especially those minifigs collector.

I didn't see this set at my nearest Toys"R"Us though.

#5980 Squidman's Pitstop
389 pieces (around 60sen/piece)
4 minifigs

Image from LEGO website.

LEGO Star Wars 2010

Some prelim picture of the coming LEGO Star Wars set is leak and most of the set turn out to be what it has been rumored in the past few weeks.

#8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack: comes with one pilot and three Hoth rebel.

#8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack: comes with two Snow Trooper, one AT-AT Driver and one look-alike AT-ST pilot.

#8085 Freeco Speeder: comes with Talz and either Anakin or Obi Wan.

#8086 Droid Tri-Fighter: comes with three droids with jetpack.

#8087 Tie Defender: comes with something like Storm Trooper and Imperial Pilot.

The sets looks not that bad to me and since it is a prelim, everything might change in the future.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

#10197 Fire Brigade

I guess in the past few days, we have receive an e-mail from LEGO regarding the new release set.

Well, during the release of #10198 Tantive IV, #10197 Fire Brigade was released too. So for the modular house fans and city builder out there, this is a good time to get yourself a set. This set is a must have as well though, as it has the classic design that take your city back to the past!

#10197 Fire Brigade
2231 pieces
4 minifigs
Price: USD149.99 / CAD199.99 / GBP97.85

Images from LEGO website.

#10198 Tantive IV released!

The long waited #10198 Tantive IV is finally released. It is indeed a piece of good news for all LEGO Star Wars fans as there are no further delay. On top of that, the instruction scans was also made available for us to download at the customer service site.

#10198 Tantive IV
1408 pieces
5 minifigs
Price: USD149.99 / CAD199.99 / GBP97.85

For shoppers from the United States and Canada, there will be a free shipping for purchase of $75 or more. I guess is a wise idea to get all the gigantic sets during this promotion time.

Images from LEGO website.

Advent Calendar Is Available

Cool new advent calendar for the year is released. They are Pirates Advent Calendar and City Advent Calendar that is already made available at LEGO Shop@Home for all country except the United States and Canada.
#6299 Pirates Advent Calendar
148 pieces
8 minifigs

#7687 City Advent Calendar
257 pieces
9 minifigs

The Pirates Advent Calendar is cool, it provide us all sort of minifigs, especially rare minifigs and also monkey and swordfish. Cool eh.

Also for #7687 City Advent Calendar is already available in Singapore at SGD39.90 per set.

Images from LEGO website.

#8399 K-9 Bot

Theme: Space Police III
Name : K-9 Bot
S/N : #8399
Year : 2009
Pieces : 22
Minifig : 1
Price : RM17.90, SGD6.90, USD3.49, GBP1.95

Now here's the illogical box art, whereby a man is still alive while standing in space. While on the side of it shown us the exact scale of the minifigs and the back of the box are just words just like the impulse that is release recently.

What's inside the box? Again is a pack of bricks and an instruction sheet. Both of the set, #8399 K-9 Bot and #8400 Space Speeder have one good thing, which is you can keep them back in the box with no disassembling needed.

For the minifig, it got both side of the torso printed and legs too. In addition we got oxygen tank supplied to us, unlike Mars Mission. But one thing seems not right, which is the headgear is not airtight (wonder how he survive in space) XD.

The K-9 Bot looks good. I actually do prefer it much more than the space speeder. The bot is made up of three part, front, middle and back. The body seems to be very loose, you can turn it whenever you like to and the head hardly move.
Other thing that I like is that you can put the bot in different pose, but it is not as good as real pet of yours, it can sit, rest, and even shake hand. XP Bare in mind this bot is not to be play with, it might just attack you with it's missile. Cold~

There seems to be extra parts in this set too which is a pros to this set.

And here's the completed model:

Playability: 8/10 . Simply because the bot can have different pose.
Design : 8/10 The design is pretty much cool and looks real.
Price : 8/10 The price are acceptable.
Overall: 8/10 Everything turn out fine.

#8400 Space Speeder

Finally, more new sets have hit the shore but I only can afford this small little puny set at the moment and here's the review of #8400 Space Speeder.

Theme: Space Police III
Name : Space Speeder
S/N : #8400
Year : 2009
Pieces : 14
Minifig : 1
Price : RM17.90, SGD6.90, USD3.49, GBP1.95

Now we get a pretty cool box art, especially the background with the dark tone. While on the side of it shown us the exact scale of the minifigs and the back of the box are just words.

As expected from impulse set, there are always made up of few pieces. So in this small box are one bag of bricks and an instruction sheet, which included the bricks serial number at the side of the building step. Not much advertisement on the instrction sheet anymore though, just show us some impulse sets pictures.

As for the minifigs, it is cool as we get the new headgear and printed leg and printed on both side torso. But too bad, LEGO didn't gives us a visor for it.

The space speeder is a failure, it was badly design and ugly looking but what more can we expect from an impulse set. Anyway, the only function of this speeder is folding the handle.
Guess his butt will got burn mark.

Lucky for us to get some extra parts and here's the completed set picture.

Check out my cool new speeder. Heheh.

Playability: 5/10 . Given to minifigs and the folding funtions only.
Design : 4/10 The design of the speeder is ugly .
Price : 8/10 The price are acceptable.
Overall: 6/10 Nice headgear.