Thursday, December 5, 2013

LEGO Technic #42024 Container Truck Review

Here's another review that I would like to share from Eurobricks. I rarely post about LEGO Technic, but sharing such a good information that can assist in people purchases is something I think is worth sharing. Indeed Jim did a great job writing the heavily visual guided review. 

I guess for Technic set, the larger the set, the better it gets since the are bigger and comes with a better functionality. With all the functions, there is definitely a higher satisfaction by completing the large machine. The feeling of solid and bigger vehicle is definitely different from the small sets. Usually a big set will cause pain to my finger, for people like me who did not have any patience I will finish it within a day, maybe some might took a few day to complete it due to the pain it inflicted to your finger? 

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image via Eurobricks.

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