Friday, December 31, 2010

LEGO Education #9348 Community Minifigure Set Picture

I happen to came across with the picture of #9348 Community Minifigure Set on Brickshelf. I think is a great set that can be added into your City collection. Below is a picture taken from Brickshelf:

#9348 Community Minifigure Set

I still thinks #9247 Community Worker is a better choice as it has more minifigures and some bicycles and trikes. Also is a good choice for those prefer classic looks. As for this they do include you with new accessories but lack of minifigures.

For more pictures, please visit HERE.

Image from Brickshelf.

LEGO Star Wars #7914 Mandalorian Battle Pack Picture

With the price of Jango Fett fly up high due the one time release, some collectors do not mind TLG releasing this battle pack and even happy to have this battle pack as they get to replace Jango Fett in their collection. Below is a picture of completed model of #7914 Mandalorian Battle Pack taken from Brickshelf:

#7914 Mandalorian Battle Pack

At first I thought not all of them comes with jetpack, but they all do come with jetpack. I wonder if TLG will remake Jango Fett's Slave in future as there are many Slave 1 in the market now and also they are remaking the prequel trilogy set.

Anyway, for more pictures, please click HERE.

Image from Brickself.

LEGO Star Wars #7913 Clone Trooper Battle Pack Picture

Another Clone Trooper Battle Pack for next year which is quite near now. Anyway below is a picture of completed model for this set taken from Brickshelf:

#7913 Clone Trooper Battle Pack

I'm actually a fans of Clone Trooper and I like the ARF Trooper very much but not the bomb squad. Also TLG finally get the speederbike right.

For more pictures, please visit Anak's Brickshelf folder.

Image from Brickshelf.

LEGO Star Wars #7868 Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter Picture

Found some completed model picture of LEGO Star Wars #7868 Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter on Brickshelf and below is a picture taken from Darth-Ewok's Brickshelf folder:

#7868 Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter

It do looks good when you put all of the Jedi Starfighter together and for those who miss the Republic Attack Shuttle, guess this is the chance for you to attain Mace Windu. The astromech droid and tactical droid are something new too.

For more pictures, please click HERE.

Image from Brickshelf.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LEGO CITY #3648 Police Chase Review

LEGO CITY #3648 Police Chase turn out to be some special edition set which I not quite sure myself why it is a special edition. Eurobricks member, mifody has bring a review for this set and below is the picture taken from there:

#3648 Police Chase

To read the full review, which is a brief and useful one, please click HERE.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Star Wars #7869 Battle of Geonosis Review

LEGO Star Wars #7869 Battle of Geonosis review is up in Eurobricks. Member starstreak has made a pictorial review on this set and below is a picture taken from the review:

#7869 Battle of Geonosis

I'm looking forward for this set and you do get rare minifigs from this set like Captain Rex, Luminara Unduli. If you gonna build droids army, this is a good set too.

To read the review and see more pictures, please visit HERE.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO #8803 LEGO Minifigures Series 3

Eurobricks Global Moderator, WhiteFang brings a review for LEGO #8803 LEGO Minifigures Series 3 and there are a lot of details in the reviews including the chances that you will get the minifigs. Below is a picture taken from the review:

#8803 LEGO Minifigures Series 3

Above picture are the total of minifigs that you get from the box set. According to Brickset, the distribution of minifigs might be somewhat different in Europe compare to the United States which gives you three (3) complete set of minifigs rather than two (2). However, it is yet to be confirm.

To read the review, please click HERE.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Star Wars #7931 Jedi T-6 Shuttle Review

Eurobricks member DarthPineapple has bring a review on LEGO Star Wars #7931 Jedi T-6 Shuttle. Although there has been a few review is made, but this is the one which I think is detail enough for you to decide. Below is a picture taken from the review:

#7931 Jedi T-6 Shuttle

I don't think the set is bad after looking at the pictures above but some people do mind about the price, and of course it would cost a bomb here. So if you like the set, just get one for the new Jedi and printed windscreen.

To read the review, please visit HERE.

Image from Eurobricks.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

LEGO Minifigures Set

LEGO is releasing two LEGO Minifigures Set next year and is sure a good news to those minifigure collector as they only have to buy the minifigure set to get the minifigure they want. Below are the picture:

#9349 Fairytale and Historic Minifigure Set
227 pieces:
22 minifigs

#9348 Community Minifigure Set
256 pieces
22 minifigs

Friday, December 24, 2010

LEGO Ninjago News

Found some nice pictures of the upcoming Ninjago set, which is the Fire Temple, Skull Truck and Earth Dragon Defense from Pierre Flickr gallery. Below are the pictures:

Fire Temple

Earth Dragon Defense

Skull Truck

I guess the above sets are the upcoming release that is estimate to be release on July next year and I do like the design of the Fire Temple which comes with dragon.

For more pictures, please click HERE.

Images from Flickr.

LEGO Kingdoms 2011 News

There's actually prelim pics have surfaced for Kingdoms 2011. However, I only seen prelim picture of four sets only and they are:

#6918 Blacksmith Attack

#7187 Escape from Dragon's Prison

#7188 King's Carriage Ambush

#7189 Mill Village Raid

There are a few new things there, which is chicken and goat figs, other than that there are new weapons too. Sorry for not able to post up the pictures since there is a prelim mark on it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Shipment at Brick Bastion

For locals who are looking for last minutes gift for your love ones, do visit Brick Bastion. New sets, especially those of big ones just hit Brick Bastion. Below are the new stock in Brick Bastion:

#10212 Imperial Shuttle
Price: RM1799.90

#10213 Shuttle Adventure
Price: RM649.90

#10214 Tower Bridge
Price: RM1399.90

#10216 Winter Village Bakery
Price: RM449.90

Price listed above are before discount. All customer of Brick Bastion are entitle for 10% discount  for the above item when you purchase from the site. Items above are limited in quantity too.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

LEGO CITY #3648 Police Chase and #3661 Bank & Money Transfer Picture

Below are clearer picture of the two new LEGO City set that we know of not long ago, #3648 Police Chase and  #3661 Bank & Money Transfer that is found through Brickset:

#3648 Police Chase

#3661 Bank & Money Transfer

It seems like some rich guy is speeding in his sports car and a dumb thief trying to break into the bank when there is police there. I guess for city builder, they will not miss #3661 Bank & Money Transfer.

Images from Brickset.

LEGO Star Wars #7869 Battle for Geonosis Picture

Here's a clearer picture of #7869 Battle for Geonosis taken from Eurobricks, where one of the member, Lego-Freak manage to get them from cache of LS@H:

#7869 Battle for Geonosis

I do like the looks of it and probably will get at least one. No idea why I'm looking forward for this set too though but I probably think is because of Luminara.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Star Wars #7867 Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter Pictures

At last we get to see a clear picture of  #7867 Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter. The picture enable us to see what minifigs we get from this set and it seems like it is true we get a Tactical Droid. Below are pictures taken from Eurobricks:


I do think that the sets looks not bad just that there is too much Jedi Starfighter. I think fans of Clone Wars will get them.

Images from Eurobricks.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LEGO Atlantis #7985 Temple of Atlantis Pictures

Found the picture of completed model for Atlantis #7985 Temple of Atlantis from Etzel87's Flickr Photostream. Looks great though, and below are the picture extracted from the photostream:

Thanks to Etzel87 we get to see the minifigs and the completed model. If you are a minifig collector, this set do suits you too, and the only thing left to collect is that Hammer Head Shark warrior.

Here's the LINK to the review made by Etzel at Eurobricks.

Images from Flickr.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LEGO Star Wars #7915 Imperial V-wing Starfighter Minifigs

Also, there are pictures of the minifigs from #7915 Imperial V-wing Starfighter. Below is the picture of the minifigs taken from Eurobricks:

I think the head of the pilot looks like the one in Palpatine's Shuttle (#8096) just that it is in black. But is a good set to get some nice pilot for yourself together with metallic astromech droid.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Star Wars #7930 Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship Minifigs

Through Eurobricks, I found a few interesting pictures on all three minifigs (except the Assassin Droid) from#7930 Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship. Below are the pictures:

 Aurra Sing



I personally do not like the look of the gunship, but these minifigs looks very nice indeed except Sugi which looks a bit odd. The other two looks pretty good.

Images from Eurobricks.

Monday, December 13, 2010

LEGO Ninjago #2519 & #2520 Picture

Here are more of the Ninjago set which I think is special edition (yea right, just given a dragon ninja and spinner). Anyway, below are the picture taken from Brickset:

#2519 Skeletal Bowling

#2520 Battle Arena

I still think that the theme can e better made as many people are waiting for ninja theme to pop up again, but Ninjago itself might not seems to be attractive to some ninja fans and maybe others as well.

Images from Brickset.

LEGO Pirates of the Carribean News

According to Brickset, the theme will be release on May 2011 (yup, the 2011 catalog also have shown the  a picture of Jack Sparrow in it and say that it will release on May 2011). Below are the list of the set that are taken through Brickset:

#4181 Isla De La Muerta
#4182 The Cannibal Escape
#4183 The Mill
#4191 The Captain's Cabin
#4192 Fountain of Youth
#4193 The London Escape
#4194 Whitecap Bay
#4195 Queen Anne's Revenge

Sources from Brickset.

LEGO Technic #8070 Super Car Pictures

During the past, there is a car like this that has been release, and it do become popular among the technic fans after that. Below are the pictures of LEGO Technic #8070 Super Car, which is reissue with power functions:

I personally think it looks good too and with power functions added it has increase the playability. Some might like it while some might not.

For more hi-res pictures, please visit HERE.

Images from Brickshelf.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

LEGO Star Wars 2011 Hi-Res Pictures

Just in case you are looking for hi-res pictures of LEGO Star Wars 2011, you might want to visit HERE to see what's your favorite set include. I guess most of us would like to confirm about the minifigure and the look of the new minifigures. Below are a few pictures of the minifigs taken from KimT's Flickr:

Looks very nice eh. It seems like all four Mandalorian comes with back pack too. Guess those are sets that are not to be missed especially when it comes with all new attractive minifigures. I do know some of you might not like them but some are pretty much looking forward to them.

Also on the other hand, if you would like to see the real Clone Troopers from the battle pack, please click HERE.

Image from Flickr.

LEGO CITY #3648 & #3661

It seems like there are more City police set to be release next year, which is #3648 Police Chase and  #3661 Bank & Money Transfer. Below is the picture of 2011 catalog taken from Eurobricks:

So now your city will have a bank and the crooks have a place to rob. I would pretty much interested to see how #3661 Bank & Money Transfer turn out.

Image from Eurobricks.

Monday, December 6, 2010

LEGO Ninjago #2518 Pictures

Here's something I never see of or heard of until I see the picture itself. This set happen to be a special edition set just because of a ninja minifig that is printed differently on the torso, well maybe the spinner too. Below is the picture that I found in Brickshelf:

I got to say the vehicle is ugly, can't find any set which is nice in this theme. Anyway, time will tell when the theme is released. We might end up get good discount for this theme.

Images from Brickshelf.

LEGO Minifigure Series 4 Picture

Finally we have picture of LEGO Minifigure Series 4, I think it looks better than series 3 since we got werewolf, frankenstein, musketeer, viking and others which seems pretty much interesting. Below is the picture taken from Eurobricks:

See, they looks very nice. Guess we really have to collect them all. 

Image from Eurobricks.

Friday, December 3, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory #2063 Stormer 2.0 Review

Another pictorial review for Hero Factory is up in Eurobricks. Picture below is taken from Brickthing's review on Stormer 2.0 in Eurobricks:

#2063 Stormer 2.0

Actually Stormer 2.0 still looks good and maybe better than the first version. I guess that because of the head still looks cool. To read the review, please click HERE.

Image from Eurobricks.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LEGO Shop@Home Updates

If you are preparing present for your love ones and you happen to be in the United States, TLG have updated the site with new theme like Pharaoh's Quest, Creator, some Police set and Racers. Now it is just few clicks away to get the presents for your love ones without having to travel far and searching high and low for the gifts.

For Pharaoh's Quest, click HERE.

For Creator, click HERE.

For Police, click HERE.

For Racers, click HERE.

Sources via Brickset.

LEGO Hero Factory #2194 Nitroblast Review

Here's another review of the villain for year 2011. Below is the picture of #2194 Nitroblast taken from Eurobricks:

#2194 Nitroblast

Since there are no officially pictures release for this theme, and I can't post the prelim pictures here the review is the best way to know the 2011 set for Hero Factory. Furthermore, looking at the review you get to see the actual completed model instead of the one on the box art with nice background. So for those who not yet seen the prelim pictures, I guess these posts will be helpful.

To read the review, please click HERE.
Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Hero Factory #2068 Nex 2.0 Review

While here's another post created for another hero from Hero Factory, which is Nex 2.0. The review is also provided by Siegfried and below is the picture of it:

#2068 Nex 2.0

Here's the LINK that will guide you to the review page. Guess the post about Hero Factory in my blog is increasing. ;)

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Hero Factory #2065 Furno 2.0 Review

Looks like there is more and more review of LEGO Hero Factory coming up in Eurobricks. Below is a picture taken from the pictorial review made by Siegfried in Eurobricks:

#2065 Furno 2.0

For the fans of Hero Factory, you should check back Eurobricks often for the review since they are given a chance to review the 2011 set. Click HERE to read the review.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Hero Factory #2193 Jetbug Review

Brickthing from Eurobricks, brings a review on #2193 Jetbug which is another villain for the Hero Factory. Below is a picture taken from Brickthing's pictorial review of #2193 Jetbug in Eurobricks:

#2193 Jetbug

I think this one looks better than Drilldozer, but anyway, they are always nice to the fans. Here's the LINK to the pictorial review.

Image from Eurobricks.