Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Supplies Hit Brick Bastion

For locals fans of LEGO, we have got new stock. They are Kingdoms and even Star Wars. Our first online LEGO Store in Malaysia, Brick Bastion has inserted some of the following stock:




#7949 Prison Carriage Rescue

Star Wars:
#8097 Slave 1

#8098 Clone Turbo Tank

Other than that, for those who loves chess set and minifigures, Brick Bastion have some stock too. You might want to visit the site to see what they got to offer. As long as I know, rare Giant Castle Chess set is sold out. So what's left are:

- #852751 Pirates Chess Set (RM299.90)

- #852769 Vintage Minifigure Collection Vol. 5 (RM79.90)

- #9247 Community Workers (RM299.90)

Is a good pricing for the list above so do Kingdoms but for Star Wars, we do see the price start to drop too and on top of that you get 10% discount on the items you buy from Brick Bastion.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New LEGO Star Wars #8099 Midi-Scale Star Destroyer, #8128 Cad Bane’s Speeder & #8129 AT-AT Walker Picture

Toys N Bricks has a clearer and bigger picture of LEGO Star Wars #8099 Midi-Scale Star Destroyer, #8128 Cad Bane’s Speeder and #8129 AT-AT Walker uploaded at their site. Below are pictures taken from Toys N Bricks:

#8099 Midi-Scale Star Destroyer

#8128 Cad Bane’s Speeder

#8129 AT-AT Walker

I'm so tempted to buy #8129 AT-AT Walker after looking at the picture. Besides, I never own one yet since the release of it. As for #8128 Cad Bane’s Speeder, the minifigs is very attractive especially the Senate Captain and there goes the so-called rare Senate Commando. For fans of Star Destroyer, the set don't look so bad afterall.

Images fom Toys N Bricks.

New LEGO CITY #8403 Family House & #8404 City Public Transport Picture

Through Brickset I found that many new picture are available after these quiet days. Eurobricks have some picture of both the set #8403 Family House and #8404 City Public Transport up in their forum. Below are a picture or two taken from Eurobricks:

#8403 Family House

#8404 City Public Transport

I think City fans are very much looking forward for the release of #8404 City Public Transport as it add a fine addition of transportation into their bricky city.

To see more pictures of #8404 City Public Transport, please visit HERE.

Images from Eurobricks.

LEGO Hero Factory Bulk & Vapour

Here's a clearer picture of LEGO Hero Factory #7179 Bulk & Vapour taken from Brickset:

#7179 Bulk & Vapour

I guess Vapour is the blue one on the right which have the same head as Rotor if I remember it correctly and the left arm of Bulk must have come in one piece as I have seen the review of Stormer where his hand come in one big piece.

Image from Brickset.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

LEGO Harry Potter Teaser Site Is Up

The coming soon LEGO Harry Potter has got his teaser site up in LEGO website. For now there's only one picture of Harry Potter available at the site while the other are still not shown yet.

To view the teaser site, please click HERE.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

LEGO Star Wars #10212 Imperial Shuttle

Here's an update on LEGO Star Wars #10212 Imperial Shuttle which is said to be release on September. Below are the details and hi-res picture taken from Brothers Bricks:

#10212 Imperial Shuttle™
2,503 pieces
USD 259.99 / CAD 309.99 / GBP239.99

The elegant Lambda-class Imperial Shuttle™ transports the Empire’s elite and the occasional secret strike team of Rebel commandos all across the galaxy. Now you can build this huge and iconic Star Wars™ vehicle in true minifigure scale for the first time ever! The Imperial Shuttle is authentically detailed with rotating double laser wing cannons and a four-seat cockpit. This Ultimate Collector’s model features an opening canopy, detachable landing gear, a stand for display in flight or landing modes, a labeled display plaque, and gear-driven folding wings with removable activation keys. Completed model measures 28″ (71 cm) tall on stand and 22″ (57 cm) wide with wings deployed. Includes 5 minifigures: Darth Vader™, Imperial Pilot, Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper and Luke Skywalker™.

  • Includes 5 minifigures: Darth Vader™, Shuttle Pilot, Imperial Officer, Stormtrooper™ and Luke Skywalker™.
  • Features rotating double laser wing cannons!
  • Open the cockpit roof to access the interior and seat the minifigures inside!
  • Wings fold up and down by turning 2 keys on rear of model!
  • Model can be displayed on landing gear or landing gear can be removed to display in flying mode!Includes display stand, name plate and label sheet!
  • Measures 28″ (71 cm) tall on stand and 22″ (57 cm) wide with wings deployed!
While here's a video from the designer explaining the set.

Sources from Brothers Bricks.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory Bulk & Vapour

Well, well, here's something new from Hero Factory that I never seen before until today. So two in one set again:

This again is a limited edition set, but since the picture is too small, I can't see them clearly but I sure don't like the look of it right now.

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO #10155 Maersk Line Container Ship

Will there be another Maersk Line Container Ship? That's what people ask when they see the picture of this box art as it seems very much similar to the previous release, #10152.

The differences spotted by Eurobricks member are the word beside the ship which is Maersk Line instead of Maersk Sealand and also the background of the box art. People who miss the previous might just love to have another reissue while reseller will hate it I suppose. =P

Image from Eurobricks.

LEGO Star Wars #8099 Midi-scale Imperial Star Destroyer picture

After we have seen the picture of Cad Bane's Speeder now comes the picture of #8099 Midi-scale Imperial Star Destroyer. Below is the picture of #8099 Midi-scale Imperial Star Destroyer from Eurobricks:
So we got UCS version of Imperial Star Destroyer, playset and even midi-scale now. Another set to add into your collection perhaps?

On the other hand, #8129 AT-AT walker seems to be limited edition set probably because of Han Solo got new outfit. Below are the picture of the box art:
Guess is a way to make more money by making it a limited edition set and finally, there is a picture of box art for #10212 too which turn out to be . . .
Yes, Lambda-class Shuttle. I suppose is a minifig scale. The shuttle looks big though. Is a year where out wallet will get hurt again.

Images from Eurobricks.

LEGO CITY #7848 TRU Truck Picture

Finally we get to see how #7848 TRU Truck look like. Below are the picture (although it is small, but useful) taken from Eurobricks:

Although the colour of TRU truck is different with LEGO City Truck, but the design of the truck is much similar to LEGO City Truck or no different at all. The extra we get here is the small ToysRUs store.

So the only different here is different colour and an extra store. But collector still needs both of them as the looks good.

Image from Eurobricks.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Found this cool mecha MOC this morning at ColeBlaq's Brickshelf gallery. Not sure if the name of this machine is Ares or not but it definitely have six legs with some artillery on the back. Below are the picture taken from ColeBlaq's Brickshelf gallery:

It is a great MOC and I just like the look of it besides the smooth surface of this mecha.

For more pictures, please visit HERE.

Image from Brickshelf.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Malaysia LEGO Collectors' Event Video

The first ever Malaysia LEGO collectors' event has ended yesterday and below are a video made by one of Bricksmal member. To those lucky people that manage to visit the event, I hope you guys enjoy it while for the unlucky one like me, well have to watch this video:

Is a good video after all since we get to see a little about the setup and what's at the event.

Video from Youtube.

Monday, June 7, 2010

LEGO #8683 LEGO Minifigures Landed at Brick Bastion

For local LEGO fans who are searching high and low for #8683 LEGO Minifigure sand are unwilling to take the risk to get the same minifig but wanting to complete the whole collection, you can drop by at Brick Bastion to get them in a lot of 16 minifigs.

#8683 LEGO Minifigures

Guess it is simpler to get all of the at one go rather than buying one by one although is quite excited to buy them one by one.

Official LEGO Star Wars Site Updated

The LEGO Group have update their product section in LEGO Star Wars site. Most of the upcoming set have been added but not AT-AT nor Cad Bane's Speeder.

Click HERE to go to Clone Wars product page and HERE to Classic product page.

I suppose all these sets that we have already seen, even some of the review will be release soon since all of the details has been uploaded at the product page.

LEGO Magnet #852948

If you want to add more female figure to your City you build, this is the magnet set that you are looking for. Below is the picture taken from Brickset:

I think you can only use the parts and jumble them up to create your own figure since this magnet do not come from any specific theme but instead a combine of theme.

Image from Brickset.

LEGO Star Wars #852947 Magnet Set

I miss quite a lot of news lately. There will be another new LEGO Star Wars Magnet set #852947 which comes with rare minifigs. The three minifigs that will be include in this magnet set are: Kit Fisto, Barriss Offee and Captain Jag. Below are the picture found through Brickset:

To LEGO Star Wars minifigs collector, this sure is a good news as you have a cheaper alternative to acquire these rare minifigs and add them into your collection.

Image from Brickset.

LEGO Architecture #21006 The White House

Was quite busy with local news lately and just found that there will be a new LEGO Architecture set, which is #21006 The White House. Below are the picture taken from Eurobricks:

It seems to be a great addition to add on to Architecture line whereby only six sets have been release. Is never too late to start collecting it before anyone of them are sold out.

Image via Eurobricks.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

LEGO Atlantis #8075 Neptune Carrier Review

Once a again, Bricks Review have put up a review on #8075 Neptune Carrier. So people who would want to get influence into getting Atlantis theme might want to read this review. Below is a picture taken from Bricks Review:

Here's Part 1 review and Part 2 review of Bricks Review. This set actually looks good, especially when it can deploy smaller vehicle.

Image from Bricks Review.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

LEGO Atlantis #8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub Review

Bricks Review made a review of #8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub from Atlantis theme. It will be a useful reference especially to those that still haven't got this set or hesitate to get one of this because of the look. Below is a image taken from Bricks Review:

The Atlantis theme is well known for all the special deep sea creature minifigs and also the Atlantis key. Anyway, to read the review, please visit HERE.

Image from Bricks Review.

More Pictures of Malaysian Collectors' Exhibition

More thing has been put up on display today at 1 Utama, where the collectors' exhibition took place. Below are some pictures taken from Bricksmal:

Modular house:


Fallingwater from Architecture:

Cube dudes:


I think that place will be more crowded during the weekends where people have their time to drop by to see the exhibition and grab some exclusive set at special discount rate. With more things put up, it is more better than a few days back.

So be sure to drop by before 7th June. ^^

Images from Bricksmal.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

30% for #8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser & #8038 The Battle of Endor at Brick Bastion

For Malaysian LEGO Star Wars collectors and fans, Brick Bastion is giving 30% off normal retail price for LEGO Star Wars #8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser and #8038 The Battle of Endor. If you have no idea what are they, refer picture below:

#8038 The Battle of Endor
Ori: RM559.90
Now: RM391.93

#8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser
Ori: RM749.90
Now: RM524.93

For minifigs lover, is a good news, as #8038 The Battle of Endor include a lot of minifigs while for cruiser collector, well, is a good time to have a complete your cruiser collection now or regret later.
So is a good time to grab them from Brick Bastion now and secure your order, before they are out of stock just in case you miss one during ToysRUs clearance sales as the price seems quite reasonable now to get both of this set.

LEGO World Racers

The new racer line, World Racers have been released too and again, not all sets are release in the United States and Canada while other countries in LS@H list has all of the sets released.

#8863 Blizzard's Peak
504 pieces

#8864 Desert Of Destruction
961 pieces

#8896 Snake Canyon
57 pieces

#8897 Jagged Jaw Reef
191 pieces

#8898 Wreckage Road
292 pieces

#8899 Gator Swamp
354 pieces

This theme is really not getting my interest. I might go for the Snake Canyon since I like the bikes as for others, maybe some of them can be added into your zombie diaroma, since all of the vehicle are armed with weapons.

Click HERE to go to LS@H and HERE to World Racers homepage.

Sources from LEGO website.

LEGO Kingdoms at LS@H

Castle fans can now buy their Kingdoms set from LEGO Shop@Home. However, the United States and Canada still have a few set not release such as impulse and battle pack while other country have all of them released already.

#7946 Kings Castle
933 pieces

#7947 Prison Tower Rescue
365 pieces

#7948 Outpost Attack
194 pieces

#7949 Prison Carriage Rescue
50 pieces

#7950 Knights Showdown
61 pieces

#7953 Jester
22 pieces

#7955 Wizard
19 pieces

#852921 Knights Battle Pack

#852921 Dragon Battle Pack

I do like some of them, but once you buy a set of this, you most probably will plan to get the whole theme. Although I do like the Fantasy era, but I believe this new line is good too.

Since not all are release, click HERE to guide you to LS@H while HERE will guide you to Kingdoms homepage.

Sources from LEGO website.