Thursday, December 5, 2013

LEGO Technic #42021 Snowmobile Review

LEGO Technic no doubt have a few nice items which I was tempted but still I have to resist them due to funds and priority. Some set of 2014 start popping up in some countries, and Brickset is lucky enough to get some set from LEGO to do review. Below image is taken from Brickset:

42021 Snowmobile

The snowmobile sure do looks nice at certain angle, but then I feel that it seems like a skeleton from the side view. Perhaps we might need to source parts to cover up the side to make it looks more solid. For locals here, we pretty much prefer original version rather than modification as I can hardly see MOD or MOC here in my countries, probably price is the issue here.

Links to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

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