Thursday, February 12, 2009

Summer 2009 LEGO CITY sets

Finally, I've found a clearer images of the coming CITY set. They are #7638 Tow Truck, #7639 Camper, #7641 City Corner, & #7642 Garage. LEGO is expanding the CITY theme by giving us more and more various kind of services or maybe they just remake them as we know, most of our old LEGO are mostly dirty.

I got to say that there is much improvement in this CITY theme. They all looks great and of course able to attract us, the consumer attention.

Now your minifig can ask for a tow service just in case their car broke down and the camper set looks like an RV, hopefully LEGO will make a bigger one in the future. As for CITY corner, the bus is making a comeback in LEGO history.

And lastly, the garage. It just looks too good to have one.

All of the set above will be ready on July 2009.

Images from Brickboy Forum.

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