Monday, February 16, 2009

LEGO Agents 2009

Finally I manage to find 2009 Agents set prelim images.

In the past release of Agents theme, their fight is somewhere far from the city. In 2009, LEGO release the Agents set whereby, there will be going against each other in a city or town. Now, look like you can mess up LEGO CITY of yours with more and more theme and make it one complicated city that has all sort of superhero and villain.

Below are the picture from Brickshelf:

#8967 Gold Tooth's Getaway
Wow, ugly bike and car, I guess the price should be cheap and you get a gold dinosaur. Other than tha, I see that agent Chase is wearing some armor.

#8968 River Heist
I see new villain minifigs in it so do the agent have armor plate protecting his torso.

#8969 4-Wheeling Pursuit
Guess LEGO is out of idea, there are just a little changes compare to Mission 5 Turbocar Chase and there is this look a like Dr. Inferno green monster minifig.

#8970 Robo Attack
I see new pieces in this, the windscreen of the robot is something new I think.

#8971 Aerial Defense Unit
This is a huge chopper that need to rotor blade to move it. I like and dislike this set maybe because of the wide body of the chopper and small tail. IS the pilot the villain or allies?

I guess I will put a stop in this theme as there are many Star Wars set released this year, and they are all nice set.

For 2009 sets prelim image, log on to:

Images from Brickshelf.

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antony thom said...

All these sets look pretty good exept for the river heist. It does'nt seem fair for such a tiny little agents boat to be fighting against a huge villan ship! My favourite set is the robo attack. It is a bit too much like exo-force though.