Sunday, February 22, 2009

LEGO Castle 2009

After the release of Medieval Market, LEGO will be releasing another 3 sets again, which all looks good to me, especially the Troll Fortress and Drawbridge which will include us at least two new minifigs. Guess this year will be quite a happy year for Castle collector although there is not much set to be release. Below are details about them:

#7078 King's Battle Chariot
Piece: 103
Price: 19.99USD
Release: August

#7079 Drawbridge Defense
Piece: 335
Price: 39.99USD
Release: August

#7097 Trolls' Mountain Fortress
Piece: 844
Price: 99.99USD
Release: August

In #7078 King's Battle Chariot we get two troll's shield which is rare. On top of that, we get a printed king's leg. Now the king minifig seems to be very common, but still, it didn't hurt to get one.

As for #7079 Drawbridge Defense, we know that we will have another chance to get a jester with two facial expression I suppose. Besides that, we will be getting a queen minifig (I suppose is a queen) and the golden knight, which seems to be not bad. Other than that, we can see the evil skeleton resurrect.

While for #7097 Trolls' Mountain Fortress, there will be four new minifigs, the two new giant troll which has printed troll logo on their forehead, the evil troll witch and the troll king. Got to say that this set is a must get as it gives a great amount of minifigs and there are new fire pieces in it.

LEGO really done a good job in designing these new sets, although there are a little changes in the past release, which actually makes me feel that they are degraded, especially the design.

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Sau-Wern said...


The knights have proper plumes.

Boris Lim said...

Not all of them have it though. The plume on the king's throne are fire from medieval market village.

Legokillen said...