Monday, February 2, 2009

LEGO CITY Farm set #7637 available in US Toys'R'Us

LEGO CITY Farm set #7637 (not sure about the name) is already available in TRU (Toys'R'Us in short). It was priced at 89.99 for 609 pieces. Since it was a new theme, I guess everyone can start to collect them as it includes us the new animal fig, the cow.

This set looks good too, but is a TRU exclusive. This remind me of the #7635 Horse Trailer which is a limited edition. Looks like most of the farm set are exclusive editon.

Well in this set you will find three minifigs, a rat, a cat (which I think is rare), a dog and two new black-spotted cow.

To take a peek at this set, drop by:
The set eventually include us a big chunk of pieces.

To purchase this set, please visit:

Image from Toys'R'Us.

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