Saturday, February 14, 2009

LEGO Star Wars #7778 Millenium Falcon & #7753 Pirate Tank

Finally, there are picture of both of this set, but somehow #7778 Millenium Falcon turn out to be disappointing for most of the LEGO Star Wars fans who have been waiting for it release. Below are the images for both set:

#7753 Pirate Tank

For the pirate tank, it looks not bad as there are 3 minifigs in it. Looks like we are getting Obi Wan again in the near future rather than only can get it in #7676 Republic Attack Gunship. But at least there are new minifigs again, which is the pirates.

#7778 Millenium Falcon

As for Millenium Falcon, it is collector edition, it can be build with 356 pieces. Well a mid-scale collector edition Millenium Falcon would seem affodable for most people compare to the Ultimate Collector Series which cost USD500. But too bad, I was hoping for normal Millenium Falcon set which has minifig in it rather than this mid-scale collector edition Millenium Falcon.

Images from Pockyland forum.


Sau-Wern said...

*Sigh*. The MF is a big let down.


Boris Lim said...

Ya, it is. I was expecting to have minifig in it

Jack said...

Au contraire, gentlemen, it is wonderful to finally have an affordable Falcon (I couldn't touch a $100 kit, let alone $500), which doesn't look any worse for its small size.