Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Power Miners Summer 2009

A bit busy lately, and didn't manage to post all of the information here.

There will still be another 3 Power Miners set coming in this summer. Together with the coming set, there will be new rock monster, including the new crystal king although it was build by brick. Below are some information regarding the set:

#8962 Crystal King
Piece : 168
Price : 19.99USD
Release : August

#8963 Rock Wrecker
Piece : 225
Price : 34.99USD
Release : August

#8964 Titanium Command Rig
Piece : 706
Price : 99.99USD
Release : August

It's cool to have a crystal king set. LEGO made a new mold for the head and the chest plate. Kind of like the translucent pieces from the crystal king. Guess that's the nicest model fro the coming set.

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