Thursday, February 7, 2013

Picture of German Toy Fair

Being busy is not fun at all as I missed out some nice post, especially the German toy fair news whereby there are so many upcoming set being displayed. Time to spoil your eyes with all the brand new line up. 


Overall, there are improvement in the City line though is like a reissue of the previous logistic and coast guard. Legends of Chima that comes with all sort of new character that you cannot miss also is something to check it out and it’s time to consider to start collect them now or regret later. Technic crane is coming back too, which is good news for those that are still searching for it. The Castle looks awesome too and is time to start collecting them again. 

For more images, please click on the link below the picture. 

Sources via Brickset. Images from jmenomeno's Flickr photostream.

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