Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LEGO Galaxy Squad #70700 Space Swarmer Review

I have little to none knowledge about the Galaxy Squad release date in other countries but some country already do have them release. Brickset written a review on the smallest set of the Galaxy Squad #70700 Space Swarmer and below is the picture taken from the review:

70700 Space Swarmer

I do like this theme, but the price is just not right yet since is not officially available to all the countries around the world. Only some countries carries them and that is the reason why the price is still so high if I were to buy from the states. I just like the set very much, the part is good and the minifigs too, lso the price factor which is expect around 50MYR.

Link to the review is right below the picture.

Image from Brickset.

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