Saturday, February 16, 2013

LEGO Castle - August

This is what comes after Kingdoms, again the two factions are the Lion and the Dragon battle against each other. Is good to have the castle theme back again after a year break, thanks to The Lord of the Rings. The line is set to come back on August this year. Below are pictures and information taken from FBTB's Flickr photostream:

70400 Forrest Ambush
$11.99 USD
90 pieces

70401 Gold Getaway
$19.99 USD
199 pieces

70402 The Gatehouse Raid
$29.99 USD
248 pieces

70403 Dragon Mountain
$49.99 USD
376 pieces

70404 Kings Castle
$99.99 USD
996 pieces

Currently there are five sets coming, not sure if there are any hidden exclusive set which are not shown here.  I don't think this new Castle line can be a financial issue unless you build army. Looking at the smallest set in this line, it is a good news for those army builders, but your castle or city street might full of stray dogs. The carriage looks very good too, I believe the prison works better than the one of Kingdoms which is too narrow for a minifig to stand properly. Of course the two large set did pretty well too. Now that the new horse have their head armor, there seems to be something missing, maybe be horn that shall be attached to the armor?

Link to the album is right below the picture.

Images from FBTB.

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