Saturday, February 23, 2013

LEGO Creator - August

I am not really into Creator theme myself, other than the house which manage to attract my attention but I  am always out of budget to owned one. Just cannot afford them. Anyway, the price of Creator set starting to get attractive here and is a good buy for your child I think.

31010 Treehouse 1
$29.99 USD
356 pieces

31012 Family House 1
$69.99 USD
756 pieces

This theme gets better every year although come and go are automobile, aircraft and houses, but this year they made some mecha to fill the needs of those mecha fans or maybe to compete with their competitor that releases Transformers in bricks. Although the head are not as cool as those of Transformers, but the designer did a pretty a good job. Up to date, the Creator theme now comes with more variety of color. Back to the post, the two new sets above sure attract my attention but not the other so I just posted both of this.

For locals, regarding the price that gets better, it is just for the current release, I'm not sure how much these houses will cost here, and the price might again goes up during the release.

Links to the album are right below the images.

Images from FBTB.

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