Monday, November 30, 2009

More LEGO Star Wars 2010 Images

Well I guess you guys might want to see more pictures regarding LEGO Star Wars 2010 sets. However, there is still no sign of new pictures of Luke Landspeeder which include a handsome amount of minifigs. Below are the images found in Eurobricks:

#8083 Rebel Trooper Army Pack

It seems like all those rebel got new headgear, instead of only one with new headgear according to Amazon. The minifigs is amazing!

#8084 Snow Trooper Army Pack

It seems like there is a new headgear and new torso from this set. Those who like Imperial Army sure will need to stock up a lot of these.

#8085 Freeco Speeder

The speeder turn out great and of course the new Talz minifig (if I recall the name rightly). But again, it comes with Anakin, the kids hero maybe?

#8086 Droid Tri-Fighter

I looks better compare to the previous version, and it gives more minifig than the previous version too and is a good chance to own one of this if missed out the previous version.

#8087 TIE Defender

This is from Expanded Universe, and there has been a few set from expanded universe like TIE Crawler, and Rogue Shadow, will be a need to purchase to complete your expanded universe series.

#8088 ARC-170 Starfigher

This sets still looks good although is a second version. Well, it includes Kit Fisto which I don't know why and new Clone Pilot helmet which is face revealing.

Images from Eurobricks.

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