Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LEGO Star Wars 2010 Box Art

Well, these are the pictures that most of us are waiting for, the Star Wars theme images. Below are some find from Amazon:
#8085 Freeco Speeder
177 pieces

#8086 Droid Tri-Fighter
268 pieces

#8087 TIE Defender
304 pieces

#8088 ARC-170 Starfigher
396 pieces

As for the commander droid, there are just an extra printing on the head and the torso. But since I miss the old version Droid Tri-Fighter, I might be getting one.

Everything seems good to me except #8087 TIE Defender, maybe because of the small cockpic in the middle of those big wings. Also I'm not sure whether the Imperial Pilot using new helmet or not.

As for #8088 ARC-170 Starfigher, we get new Clone Pilot helmet, and I suppose one of them are Captain Jag. If you miss the previous release, it is time to get one now. But why Kit Fisto???

Images from Amazon.

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