Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LEGO Toy Story 2010 Box Art

After months of no new pictures, we finally, have new pictures. There are some pictures of the coming Toy Story theme although not much are available, but at least we get to see the box art.
#7590 Woody and Buzz to the Rescue
92 pieces

What a long name this set have. Anyway this set looks good to me and we get a pull back motor function also the design of the car are pretty much match the the one in the show.

#7592 Construct-a-Buzz
205 pieces

Here's the gigantic Buzz Lightyear we see, but I have no idea what's the alien guy doing there. Maybe it was included with this set or it was just place there for fun? Probably we will get one I suppose.

Both of this set is up in Amazon, release on 1st January 2010.

Images from Amazon.

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