Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LEGO Atlantis Box Art

Here's a few box art of the Atlantis theme, maybe I miss out some in the previous post since there is still confidential words on it. Anyway, here' the box art:
#8058 Guardian of the Deep
144 pieces
#8059 Seabed Scavenger
119 pieces
#8061 Gateway of the Squid
353 pieces
#8075 Neptune Carrier
475 pieces

Looks like the biggest set for now is #8075 Neptune Carrier, I also learn that this carrier are able to deploy a seabed rover and scout minisub and I guess this is the best vehicle in the team for now.

Guess I have a chance of owning all the sea monster now since Gateway of the Squid turn out to be cheap.

Images from Amazon.


harly said...

gee,none of the sets are very cool looking, but omg the peices im really into,as u see,im just a kid who doesnt like lego but collects peices and makes cooler stuff,atlants is my target.

Boris Lim said...

Lol, I used to do that too, but there are too many pieces to collect nowadays. So end up collecting sets.