Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Star Wars Comic 8 is Ready!

LEGO has release the volume 8 of their short Star Wars comic. They do not update the homepage of Star Wars anymore, so we have to check it out by ourselves from time to time. Always Trust Secret Strategy #3 is the title of this volume and it will be to be continued again.

Here's the link to the comic:

Sources from LEGO website.


Anonymous said...


Very nice blog you have there... I happen to have a blog also on LEGO (http://brickwars.blogspot.com) and was wondering if you would like to coordinate a link exchange. If you would, please contact me at brickwars.blogger@gmail.com

Brick Wars Blogger

essdon said...

Did you know that someone is duplicating content from your site and posting it elsewhere? The site lorrd.com appears to be dedicated to taking content tagged “star wars” from multiple feeds and then republishing it on its own site. This happened an article on my own site and I’m spreading the word to others.

Here’s one article that they “borrowed”:


The site is hosted by VolumeDrive, so if you want to complain, you can file a DMCA takedown notice by emailing support@volumedrive.com. The DMCA takedown notice requires the ISP to remove the content (or lose their liability protection for copyright violations).

An example takedown notice that you can copy-and-paste can be found here:


Another one is here (under the “ISP DMCA” link):

If you end up doing anything, I would be interested in knowing about it.

Boris Lim said...

I was not aware of that. Thank you for informing me edssdon. Guess I have to report him.