Monday, March 2, 2009

Agents 2.0

Agents 2.0 is the name of the upcoming Agents set. At first, I not really like them, but after seeing the functions, is worth to consider about the set. Well, you got to see it yourself.

#8968 River Heist
See it here

#8969 4-wheeling Pursuit
See it here

This set turn out great although is more or less the same with Mission 5. Too bad they never show us that green Inferno minifig. But the jeep (I suppose) itself turn out great, which s there are working suspension and of course LEGO favorite function, flick fire at the rear.

#8970 Robo Attack
See it here

As for this set, we know that there will be a number of minifigure being included especially the prey of Dr. Inferno's mecha. We can see that, the cockpit are not attached and it is some mini hover flyer that is use to escape after defeat.

#8971 Aerial Defense Unit
See it here

Some people like this set but not me XD, I do not like the design. Anyway, the twin rotor can spin when you push the a button at the tail of it. Other than that, there are this thread that can be lowered and lifted. Also the door that open sideways. There are a function that we do not know of too, which is the deployment of a small vehicle at the rear of this transport.

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Sources from FBTB.

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