Tuesday, March 3, 2009

LEGO Racers RC at LEGO Online Store

LEGO Racers RC is already up in LEGO Online Store, however they are not yet available in Australia. Is a little strange as New Zealand are available.

#8183 Track Turbo RC

This set is made available in the United States and Canada already. It was retail at 39.99USD. So just drop by the Online Store and place your order for this set.

#8184 Twin X-treme RC

Now I see why it is call Twin X-treme RC, looks like there are extra part, especially the chasis and wheel to be change. Well this set are not available in the United States and Canada and also Australia.

But I guess both of this sets will be available in Australia soon. Anyway, Singapore will have both of this sets release too by this months.

Drop by HERE if you are from other continent other than the United States and Canada.

As for Singaporean, drop by HERE to check out the price of this expensive babes.

Images from LEGO website.

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