Friday, March 27, 2009

Star Wars comic #10 and #11 is up

LEGO is updating the comic pretty fast nowadays and I've missed the update on volume 9 which continues the unfinished story from volume 8. So no 2009 are involve in volume 9.

In volume 10 with the title Every Brick has a Beginning (has an end =P) continues with the story from volume 9. Again it's about the Death Brick that actually lead to a build of, you know what, it will show you in the end of volume 10. In this volume you can see AAT and Republic Attack Shuttle, but they are not in action and Plo Koon finally has his role here.

As for volume 11, it starts with a new story, which is the search for R2-D2. Volume 11 has a long title though but anyway, there are assassin droids and even clone walker been show in it and Republic Attack Shuttle finally is in action. Other than that we can see the Supreme Chancellor starts to be ahead of the Jedi in the search for R2-D2.

By the way they do update the home page of Star Wars after all.

Images from LEGO website.

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