Saturday, February 18, 2012

LEGO Monster Fighters Pictures

Still not managed to catch up with this week news on toy fair. But yeah, am definitely trying to put all the link to FBTB's Flickr, which contains all the nice pictures. So here's the new theme this year, is sad that the lifespan of Pharaoh's Quest is so short, so do Alien Conquest. Anyway, this Monster Fighters theme brings back all the monsters to LEGO universe once again:

It seems like there is something new to be collect form this theme, first and foremost, of course are the monsters minifigs and secondly, it seems like there are new translucent part which I think is the collectable from this theme. The vehicle for the fighter is definitely not classic in this one.

You get a new olive green plant part here, also two claws from Wolverine, which the werewolf is using them in the picture. Also you get a nice vintage car.

I can tell this is one bad vampire with a big bad hearse. I can see some parts from the minifigs series are been reused, especially the musketeer weapon. Wonder they will change it in the future before the release.

The mad professor, sounds familiar? He is always link to Frankenstein and now another one coming with a scary Frankenstein. I think this set comes with a good number of parts.

You might want to add this train to your City, if you own a LEGO city. The ghost cloth seems to be a new mold too.

The vampire castle seems to be interesting with newly added minifigs which we never seen before and there are even a new hand for the bat guy. The parts definitely can be place in good use for castle fans too.

To see more pictures, just click on the link below the pictures.

Images from FBTB.

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