Thursday, February 16, 2012

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Pictures

A few months more to go until The Avengers come to our cinema. FBTB have supplies us with pictures for the upcoming Marvel Super Heroes playset, and they looks awesome, the minifigs I mean =D.

If the only thing in this set is only Captain America and the bike, I think Marvel license is so expensive and thus this set is expensive too if ti were to be like this.

I like the minifigs and the bike of course, since the helicopter looks a little ugly and kiddy. But we get a new color tone for the bike chasis (wonder if they gonna chrome some part of it some day).

Ironman with a working helmet sounds cool but his head is a little big in my opinion and somehow I think this is still a prototype and it might look better in the final release.

Finally a set which somehow looks better than the smaller one before this. If you have Batcave, you must own a base for the Avengrs as well. It seems a little small but I think it looks great not to mention there is helicarrier in this set as well.

The Quinjet looks good too and I we get Black widow in this set, guess is the only set that include us with Balck Widow. The Quinjet seems to have a few functions too.

I think Marvel line pretty much focus on the minifigs rather than the whole set since in my own opinion, is not much of a nice set from this Marvel line. Also I'm not posting the Hero Factory like action figure here since we already seen them not long ago.

Images from FBTB.

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