Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LEGO Lord of the Rings Pictures

Thanks to FBTB we get to see nice pictures of most of the theme, and no doubt, LEGO Lord of the Rings looks impressive and definitely, you get a lot of minifigs in the sets.

New horse, and new minifigs, well at least it seems to have a lot of parts.

The Shelob looks nice, but there are spider in Creator too, so is suppose to be nothing difficult for the designer. Again new minifigs, Gollum (Don't know how to spell, not a hardcore fans for this movie but definitely into the LEGO) which looks scary.

I suppose this is an addition to expand your Helm's Deep since you get a wall and a catapult. It sure have a lot of minifigs and is like battle pack, this set definitely gonna sell like hot cakes. Nice Uruk-Hai minifigs.

Finally Ringwraith, but I wonder if this is a finalize version of it since it seems like reusing body parts from  LEGO Star Wars. Hope this time we get gold coating ring, unlike LEGO PotC which give us brown coins.

This set got some main character in it and well, for those that want to complete the minifigs can either use Bricklink or Ebay, but I think this set should worth the money since there are seven minifigs inside. I suppose this set will look good in picture.

I am not sure if the fans feel disappointed to this set, but is definitely wall which you can further extend it by purchasing more #9471 Uruk-Hai Army playset.

We got five orcs here, and they must be worker that create weapons for the others. There do not seems to have any cheap set with a lot of minifigs and the cheapest one is #9471 Uruk-Hai Army at USD29.99 that comes with four orcs and two human.

I suppose this year really goes hard on our wallet, a lot of nice sets coming and limited resources. But this theme sure looks good.

Images from FBTB.

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