Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New LEGO Sets Arrive at Brick Bastion

For Malaysian LEGO fans, below here are the list of stock that have arrive at Brick Bastion together with the retail price. Those that purchase on the website will have additional 10% off retail price.

#3221 LEGO City Truck
Price: RM110.90

#3222 Helicopter and Limousine
Price: RM139.90

#7936 Level Crossing
Price: RM74.90

#7937 Train Station
Price: RM179.90

#7938 Passenger Train
Price: RM529.90

#7939 Cargo Train
Price: RM799.90

#7946 Kings Castle
Price: RM669.90

Technic#8043 Motorized Excavator
Price: RM849.90

#8052 Container Truck
Price: RM399.90

#8053 Mobile Crane
Price: RM549.90

Here's the link to Brick Bastion.

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