Friday, July 16, 2010

LEGO Technic Heavy Duty Tow Truck MOC

Bricksmal member, Cheng Fei has did it again. Now he present us a Heavy Duty Tow Truck which have a lot of functions and details added onto it. Below is a video on the MOC that shows the function and details of the monster:

While here's the spec:
Fully remote controlled; (8 functions)
- Driving (1 PF XL Motor driving 8 wheels on two rear axles & V8 engine)
- Steering (1 PF M Motor steering 4 wheels on two front axles)
- Main boom (1 PF XL Motor)
- Main boom telescopic (1 PF M Motor)
- Winches (1 PF M Motor)
- Wheel lifter boom (1 PF XL Motor)
- Wheel lifter (1 PF M Motor)
- Outrigger (1 PF M Motor)

Height: 23cm
Width: 20cm
Length: 64cm

I'm pretty impress with the MOC as it has so much functions. It is bigger and badder monster compare to the previous bus MOC.

Image from Bricksmal.

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