Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LEGO Exclusives #10211 Grand Emporium Open for Pre-order at Brickboy Toys and Brick Bastion!

As above topic, LEGO Exclusives #10211 Grand Emporium has been open for pre-order for locals at Brickboy Toys and Brick Bastion with 15% off normal retail price of RM899.00. In case you do not know what's #10211 Grand Emporium, please refer below:

#10211 Grand Emporium
2182 pieces
7 minifigures
Price: RM899.00

I guess is a good price for this modular set since there is no rise in the price compare to the other modular house like Fire Brigade and Green Grocer plus you get 15% off for pre-order. But is a limited stock. It will reach here soon. So your wait is fruiful since it is cheaper than our neighbouring country too after the discount.

While below here are the price list for other coming set:
#3221 LEGO City Truck - RM110.90
#3222 Helicopter & Limousine - RM139.90
#7936 Level Crossing - RM74.90
#7937 Train Station - RM179.90
#7938 Passenger Train - RM529.90
#7939 Cargo Train - RM799.90

World Racers:
#8863 Blizzard's Peak - RM389.90
#8864 Desert Of Destruction - RM589.90
#8896 Snake Canyon - RM59.90
#8897 Jagged Jaw Reef - RM129.90
#8898 Wreckage Road -RM189.90
#8899 Gator Swamp - RM259.90

#8043 Motorized Excavator - RM849.90
#8052 Container Truck - RM399.90
#8053 Mobile Crane - RM549.90

Guess that's all for now.

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