Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quick Update on Malaysia 2010 LEGO Collectors' Exhibition

Here's a quick update on the Malaysia 2010 LEGO Collectors' Exhibition and is more like a shopping news for Toy Story fans during the event.

For Toy Story lover and collector, you will be eligible to purchase a Toy Story magnet and a Toy Story keychain, or two Toy Story magnets, or two Toy Story keychain with any amount of LEGO Toy Story purchased. Yes, no minimum purchase is needed to get these keychains and/or magnet as long as it is LEGO Toy Story that you purchased.

The magnet set will cost RM69.90 each which include three minifigs in it (from what I see from other's review, it is said that the quality has improved) while the the keychain cost RM19.90 each (the price is quite good if we compare with neighboring country after added implicit cost) and you have three choices to choose from (see pic below) too bad there is no Jessie.

Each of them are (again) said to be very very limited in quantity, and I suppose only early bird have the opportunity to own them. They are exclusive item anyway.

So again, this news is more for Toy Story fans and their shopping tips. ^^


Jessyca Sung said...

are u still selling toy story key chains? reply me Asap :D

Boris Lim said...

Hi Jess,

I do not have the keychain for sale, only have one Buzz Lightyear minifigs for sale.