Friday, May 21, 2010

Malaysia 2010 LEGO Collectors' Exhibition Update

For fellow LEGO fans of Malaysia, here's an update about the Malaysia 2010 LEGO Collectors' Exhibition event that I mention not long ago.

I made a mistake in my previous post though, I was told today there will be approximately 200 sets or more will be on display in the event. They will have:

-Every single set from Prince of Persia.

-Some Toy Story playset.

-Every single playset from Castle Fantasy Era including the chess set.

-For Star Wars, you can see most of the UCS and old Technic set while the playset is quite limited in number.

-Architecture theme will be on display too which all of the six set will be there.

-As mention before, there will be modular house on display too except for Grand Emporium which is not yet release here.

I think is best you visit this link to look at the set which will be put on display.

ToysRUs will sell some set in the event but there is no single words about discount, maybe you guys would like to check it there by yourself.

Also there will be a place selling #8683 Collectable Minifigure too which I was told the supply is pretty much limited. Once you missed the chance, it will be very hard for you to get here. It will be sold at RM9.90 per minifig pack (not per box), so if you about to try your luck and get all 16 of them, remember to bring a lot of money there.

Remember, One Utama Shopping Complex (New Wing), Kuala Lumpur on 1st June until 7th June 2010. Be sure to make it there for the event.


Dr ET said...

Bro where to get the #8683 minifigure sets?

I want to buy!!!

Boris Lim said...

For now is only during the event. After that I'm not very sure about it as the quantity is limited.

galaxylight said...

BTW, what time will the event starts?

Boris Lim said...

10am-10pm. ^^