Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Malaysia 2010 LEGO Collectors' Exhibition

For the LEGO fans of Malaysia, there will be a LEGO Collectors' Exhibition coming soon, and I mean real soon. Bricksmal in collaboration with ToysRUs have held the event.

The event will be held at One Utama Shopping Complex (New Wing), Kuala Lumpur on 1st June until 7th June 2010.

For now I do not have much info about the event yet, but there will approximately more than 100 LEGO sets will be on display. Also, exclusive LEGO modular house like Green Grocer, largest Star Wars set like UCS Millenium Falcon, Death Star and Death Star II just to name a few, will be on display during the event.

So you might be wondering which theme will be there and what's not, below are the theme that will be on display:
1. Star Wars
2. Toy Story
3. Prince of Persia
2. Exclusive sets
3. City (new and vintage)
4. Castle (new and vintage, army)
5. Exo-Force
6. Space theme
7. Technic

So for the fans of above theme make sure you be there and that's not all, there are also vignettes, cube dudes and MOC (My Own Creation) too. We get too how creative we are in MOC. =P There is a minifigure army on display too.

I guess is a good idea to bring your child to a place like this during this school holiday season, where they can actually enjoy seeing those toys and a pieces of good news to the parents is that no fee are needed, yes it is FREE.

Guess unlucky dude like me have to wait for other time when I have more fund to support me for travelling. T.T

Remember to keep on checking back here for more updates.

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