Saturday, May 9, 2009

Space Police #5980

Looks like there will be a limited edition set for LEGO Space Police too and it seems like the base for those bad aliens. Below are a low-res image taken from whung's Brickshelf gallery:

This limited edition will be suitable for those that would lik to collect the alien minifigs since you can get three of them in it. However, this set will not be my pick.

On the other hand, whung also uploaded the impulse set in his Brickshelf Gallery, a low-res one too. Below are the image of #8399 and #8400.
The dog looks simple but it still looks great, as with this pieces they can make it look like a dog and a cool dog it is.

I most probably get this set for the helmet. =P

To see another sets pictures, please visit
whung's Brickshelf gallery

Images from Brickshelf.

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