Wednesday, May 6, 2009

#7195 Ambush In Cairo

Looks like some set release early and people manage to get them. Here are some pictures from dsvelte's Brickshelf gallery:

This set seems to be very attractive for all the time. Looking at the amount of minifigs and accessories we could get from this set, this set is a must have for all people. Besides, we can get rare headgear after all especially the turban.

For more pictures of #7195 Ambush In Cairo, log on to:
dsvelte's Brickshelf gallery

On the other hand, he also has some shot on #7197 Venice Canal Chase. I suppose it was uploaded for awhile already. Miss that last time. Below are images taken from his gallery too.

Nowadays we can consider about Indiana Jones theme since it is getting better and better. Furthermore we do not need to purposely purchase a huge set just to get these new minifigs but instead a regular set that is affordable.

For more pictures of #7197 Venice Canal Chase, log on to:
dsvelte's Brickshelf gallery

Images from Brickshelf.

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