Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mini Republic Gunship

There will be a new mini Republic Gunship that will be given away with Brickmaster Magazine. It is a good news for countries with Brickmaster Magazine and bad news for those without Brickmaster Magazine. Below are the image of the new mini Republic Gunship:

Brickmaster Magazine tend to giveaway mini Star Wars sets most of the time and without minifig. Maybe that is because of licensing. But anyway, this new mini looks better than the previous one whereby you have to pay to get it. It is said to be November-December Brickmaster set.

Image from Eurobricks.


Anonymous said...

Hi, can we get this magazine in Malaysia?

If can't, do you have the link to build this ship? I'm interested.


Boris Lim said...

Nope, we will not be getting the magazine here.

There might be be an instruction scan available after it release on LEGO website.

Mini Venator has the instruction there.