Saturday, February 14, 2015

LEGO Pirates #40158 Chess Set

Well this is something new that I spotted today when I browse the LEGO Certified Store, the new LEGO Pirates Chess set. 

The set was priced at MYR249.90 comes with 857 pieces. I think this is way more worth than the Kingdoms Chess Set. Seems like there is a lot of bricks and you can keep the minifigures under it when you are not playing them. The two side can be combined into a shore. My thought, is reasonably priced with 20 minifigures.


Fabiola said...

hi hi, may i know which shop have this set? thanks..:)

Boris Lim said...

Currently is avialable in all KL LEGO Certified Store and Penang LEGO Certified Store in QueensbayMall.

MK said...

is it exclusive set and only available in LCS?

Boris Lim said...

Hi MK,

I'm not really sure, but I suspect it is exclusive set.