Friday, January 2, 2015

LEGO Minifigures Gift Set

I thought I'm a happy man to have the Target LEGO Minifigures Gift Set to reach me safely from all the way from the United States. A week or two passed and now there is another one that is being upoaded on Taobao.

If you asked me who is Lightning Lad, I seriously have no idea. I only know super heroes and their villain through LEGO playset. But another one to be added into collection and it will be a good news if this is easily accessible to the public. 

Kai on the other hand seems like the other version from reboot version, somehow the print gave me this feeling that was a reboot print. And well City comes out with a diver which may be from Exploration theme while I have no idea who on earth is that from Legends of Chima, some say is Sir Fangar.

Images from Brickfan and information from Ninja Brick.

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