Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Current Malaysia LEGO Market. . . .

Year 2013 is coming to an end, and compare to the previous year, this year we have a lot of LEGO sales or discount around. It all started in Empire Mall, right in front of Toys'R'Us (TRU) and next Avenue K, and I suppose the last stop will be at Bangsar Village II (BV2) where yearly LEGO exhibition is held together with some set put on sales.

LEGOland Malaysia (LLM) is open and I believe a lot of stock have been imported to support the shops in LLM. In LLM we have Monster Fighters playset going for 20% discount and not long after it became 40% , so do the Lone Ranger theme while the polybag is only RM5 per pack (that was a month ago). Now we have some polybag that are still maintain at RM10 per pack which we have a variety of range to choose from, usually those that are given away as freebies during promotion and some like seasonal polybag which I think is a good deal. Great deal isn't it?

Soon after that on 1st of Nov (correct me if I'm wrong) Empire Mall too run a sales, that was carried out by ALJ (our local distributor, which many fans hated them) with TRU. There we have Ninjago, City, DC Super Heroes and Lone Ranger theme, oh and not to forget Hero Factory.  The discount is ranging from 30% to 35% and to make the deals better, cash vouchers were given starting on 5th November and at the same time 30% off  selected Technic, Creator, Ninjago, Legends of Chima, DC Super Heroes Man of Steel and City playset. Unfortunately, I was a victim of this bonus giveaway and planning to sell off the cash vouchers I have earn at a lower price and take it as additional discount for the set I have purchased. This is the only good time to get playset from TRU since they have 30% off, cash vouchers to give away and points collection which gain u another RM10 cash voucher with every 250 points collected. 

For those that bought on 1st November at Empire Mall to 4th November somehow felt a little angry but hey, look at the brighter side, you get a lot choice to choose from compare to the one after. 

After that Avenue-K have some LEGO sales too which they said is the same stock with the Empire Mall, presumably is from ALJ. No more TRU points and voucher, so people are not so into it. Not much updates I get from there either.

Next event I assume will be BV2, so you guys might wanna check there out yourself.

The sales do not end just here, online business are affected as well. Resellers (those mainly on Facebook) are affected by this sales that are currently running. So most of them are slashing their prices as well, making ways for fresh new 2014 stocks. I'm a reseller too, and hell yes, I'm affected. Everything is going real slow in the resellers market unless you have a super value pricing, in other word dirt cheap. Ever since the Shell Ferrari promo, the resellers growing like mushroom after rain. It has become a very competitive market for both playset and minifigs (thanks to the fake minifigures that are made in China). 

You can even find deals on Groupon by ALJ, and yup is definitely the same stock as you see in Empire Mall. There are also sales that are too good to be true, especially on Marvel and DC Super Heroes minifigures. Please be aware that there are currently many fake minifigures out there and some of them are really near perfect to the original LEGO. You can find them on sites like MyDeals. So do be more careful while searching for deals and not fall into the trap of those unethical sellers.

What are the set that worth grabbing?
Go for City, Legends of Chima and Lone Ranger (if still on sales). City and Legends of Chima playset are more or less the same like you buy from overseas, namely United States. I don't really look into Lone Ranger, but Stagecoach Escape is definitely a no go with the inflated price, but the train is good. Many hunting it for the sake of the DeLorean Time Machine.

Like to check worth buying or not? 
Drop by Brickset to see the pricing of a playset in the United States.

It clearly shows that currently is Buyers Market for LEGO where they can choose from many other sellers to get the best deal out from the seller.

Guess that is all for now, happy spending! 

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