Friday, July 6, 2012

New Arrival At Brick Bastion

There are some new arrival today at Brick Bastion, and better still you get double rewards point from today to 9th of July. Now is the time to collect point and get additional rebates from the store top up with the 10% discount that everyone is eligible for.
So what arrived today?

Something worth mentioning here are the Creator:

#7345 Transport Chopper
#7346 Seaside House
#7347 Highway Pickup

Pretty cool models I would say. They are sold at RM170, RM230 and RM350 respectively.

Other than the above are the Star Wars Planet Series 2 sets which are sold at RM50 each. Comes with a minifigs and the cool mini scale iconic star ships. Not to forget the important thing here, the planets. 

#9677 X-wing Starfighter™ & Yavin 4™
#9678 Twin-Pod Cloud Car™ & Bespin™
#9679 AT-ST™ & Endor™

Other stuff that are newly arrived, are Friends and City.  Perhaps can drop by to browse around, who knows, there are something that you might be interested with.

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